Wearable Egyptian Makeup zunaira sulman

Wearable Egyptian Makeup

Wearable Egyptian Makeup

Last October we were in Egypt for a relaxing vacation, it was by far one of the best vacations we had. People were so hospitable and nice. The weather, the environment everything was so perfect. The other day it was so gloomy and rainy here in Switzerland, and I really missed being in Egypt, spending days by the pool, in the sun. So, to rejoice the memory I went with an Egyptian inspired makeup look. Egyptian makeup looks are very very bold, colorful and over the top. I wanted to make it more wearable, the look I created is still wayyyyy too bold for some people, but if you have seen real Egyptian Makeup you would know it is pretty wearable as compare to that. I took inspiration from the way Egyptian women wear their eyeliner and kept rest for the look very soft and subtle. If you skip the eyeliner or go with a subtle wing, it is an absolute dreamy and subtle makeup look. So feel free to customize the look for yourself. As I mentioned earlier I just wanted to rejoice the memory. Anyhow, below are all the steps to create this makeup look.

IMG_5585 IMG_5586

Step #1

I always feel like skipping this step on my blog only because you can hardly see anything in the picture, but this step is so so important, it makes blending other shadows so easy, especially when you are working with a little darker shades, adding a transition eyeshadow is always a good idea. I just swiped a neutral light brown eyeshadow all over the crease and above the crease, it is not noticeable at all but it does help a lot.

IMG_5195 Step #2

Then I applied a pinkish brown eyeshadow above the crease and blended it almost near the browbone. I normally do not like pink eyeshadows very much, but in this look I used all the pink toned eyeshadows and I have to say I loved them a lot. If only you skip the eyeliner or go with a more subtle eyeliner it is such a soft and pretty makeup look.

IMG_5197Step #3

Now to darken the crease I added a darker pink toned brown eyeshadow. and blended it with the eyeshadow I applied above the crease.


Step #4

After that I took the same dark brown eyeshadow, I used in the crease and applied it on the lower lash line and blended it with the pinkish brown eyeshadow. To crease a more blended and slightly smoked out effect. Don’t blend it too much because in the end we are going to connect it with the outer wing of the eyeliner and it will not look well connected if it is super smoked out.

IMG_5207Step #5

After I used all the matte eyeshadow in the crease, above the crease and on the lower lash line, it is time to add some shimmer in the look. So, I went with a shimmery pink eyeshadow on the lids and created a subtle cut-crease effect.IMG_5213Step #6

Now you can stop here, add few coats of mascara and a nude or black eye pencil to the water line and tight line and you are done with the look. Or you can go bold and add an Egyptian Inspired Eyeliner. As you can see in the picture the wings both in the inner and the outer corners of the eye are pretty bold, sharp and thick. Build the eyeliner slowly instead of trying to draw a full line.

IMG_5216Step #7

Now I connected the inner wing with the eyeshadows on the lower lash line and connected the eyeshadow with the outer with of the eyes, while keeping the soft smoked out effect, instead of a harsh black line, in the outer half, as you can see in the picture.  Apply a black eye pencil or kohl pencil in the inner rims of the eyes, few coats of mascara and the eyemmakeup is done.


For Lips I actually used 3 lip products, you can go with any nude lipstick of your choice. I applied a Nyx Nude Lip liner first, Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Nude and Estee Lauder’s Lip gloss with gold shimmer.


It was such a fun experience to play with Egyptian inspired makeup look. Whether you choose to do this makeup look with the bold eyeliner or without the bold eyeliner, don’t forget to share your pictures with me.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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