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Urban decay electric palette review and swatches

Urban decay electric palette review and swatches:

I love urban decay eyeshadows,but when they came out with Urban decay electric palette, I was not excited, neither did I care to even swatch in sephora, otherwise I am one of those people who always swatch and check out new stuff even if I don’t plan to buy it. But this was something I really did not care, because the shades are totally out of my comfort zone. I almost never really use vibrant and colorful eyeshadows,once in a while I do like jewel tone base shadow,but that rarely happens. So I told myself I’ll let it pass. To be honest I just saw the pictures of Urban decay electric palette and found it cheap and tacky. It was until I actually saw the palette personally in Sephora. I was checking out other Urban decay products, but on the main shelf Urban decay electric palette kept catching my eye. So, I thought to swatch it and see for myself. And I have to say I really liked the pigmentation, the shades did not feel tacky or cheap to me, it was so different than the pictures I saw online. Also not all of those colors are unwearable. You can totally get a gorgeous makeup look by using a main pop of color from the electric palette and then using your neutrals to balance the look out or just apply a pop of color on the lower lash line. There are some really gorgeous shades in the palette.

urbandecay electric palette
urbandecay electric palette

urbandecay electric palette


The packaging of Urban decay electric palette suuuuuuper colorful but pretty. It has a good quality plastic casing, which does not feel cheap, hence I said good quality *HAHA* but you have to admit, word PLASTIC has it’s not so nice impact, just wanted to clear that out. And also it has dual ended brush. I do like the UD brushes. They are not the kind that are useless or bad quality. They are nice and work well with UD eyeshadows. I never use primer when I use neutral eyeshadows, but whenever I use vibrant shadows or jewel tones, I always use a primer, firstly it doesn’t slip and slide over your face and it stays put for a long time. With the neutral shadows it’s different, they are less notice-able. About the colors. It comes with 10 eyeshadows. Which are a mix of glitter, shimmer and matte.

- Revolt (1st in Urban decay electric palette)

- Gonzo (2nd in Urban decay electric palette)

- Slowburn (3rd in Urban decay electric palette)

- Savage (4th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Fringe (5th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Chaos (6th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Jilted (7th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Urban (8th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Freak (9th in Urban decay electric palette)

- Thrash (10th in Urban decay electric palette)

You get 10 pressed pigments in Urban decay electric palette.

urbandecay electric palette
urbandecay electric palette

udelectricswatch udelectricswatch

Revolt has to be my favorite. It is beautiful silvery glitter pigment, which I believe will look beautiful in so many way, whether you put it in the inner corner, use it as an eyeliner, or in the middle of you lid, or even cover the whole lid for a glam look. It does not give the cheap glittery look. I just hate cheap glitter look. UD knows how to do glitter right.

My second favorite has to be Fringe. I love shades like that when I want to experimental with my makeup. It will look fabulous and very modern with nude lips and contoured face. It has a shimmery but silky texture. One thing I really like about this palette is the shadows are very silky, soft and velvety to touch. They are not chalky or rought, for being glittery or shimmery. It is so annoying when the matte shadows are chalky and glittery ones are rough. I like the texture of all the shadows.

I personally, always find some use for my products. For example, I would totally wear savage as a blush. And also I will use it as a transition color,which will tie the whole look. Also i will still get my money’s worth.

Also I feel like this is going to be a gorgeous palette for summers. I tend to be more experimental with my makeup in summer, than in winters, I have no idea why that is, but that is how it is. These color will look amazing with the tanned skin and brown eyes that I have. I feel like with brown eyes and tanned skin you can pull off more looks as compare to light skin and light colored eyes. That’s just my opinion. I see myself wearing “freak” as the only shadow, with MAC morange lipstick. I think it will look very modern and pretty, without being over the top colorful and vibrant.

Also I would like to add another thing. This palette is perfect for traditional ethnic makeup looks. Pakistani/bollywood those kind of looks, and bridal makeup, wedding even makeup looks, they are very vibrant and colorful. So I believe it will be an amazing palette for those type of looks.

IMG_1527 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1532

Now at the end, Do I like it ?

Yes I love Urban decay electric palette !

You ask me why ?

I’ll say because It will make me to experiment with my looks, and play with makeup which i love. Also playing with your look can freshen up you mind, and make you happy. Plus I think I will get my money’s worth out of this palette. I love the silky texture of the shadows, I low how freakishly blendable they are. These are the most blendable shadows I have ever used. And They are very versatile. You can totally use these in winters and summers too. It has jewel tones, It also has neon, vibrant shades.

Is Urban decay electric palette a must-have ?

No, It’s not. If you are someone who doesn’t like it, like, at allllllll, to experiment with your look, then you can pass on it. But it is a fun palette to have.

Am I going to use Urban decay electric palette every single time I do my makeup ?

No, I am not, firstly as I said I bought to play with makeup and have fun, and because I liked the texture of shadows. May be in summers, yeah ! but in colder months. No !

Was it worth buying?

For me Yes, absolutely. As far as I know, this is not a useless palette to me, even when It is totally out of my comfort zone I will get use out of it. And not only I’ll use to for modern looks but also I can use it for my traditional make up looks.

These are all my views on Urban Decay Electric Palette. I always hesitate to do reviews because everyone’s thinking,liking,disliking and preferences are different. But at the same time, I find that to people who are new to makeup or who like to spend money wisely. It is a great source of information. And reviews are actually really helpful.

I hope you find this post interesting.

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.

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