How To : Ultimate Color Guide ! (Chic)

How to : Ultimate Color Guide ! (Chic)

There are a lot of times, or events when you want to dress chic but to option are so over-whelming that you get confused. And specially if dressing chic is opposite of your style. However there are certain color combinations, just by mixing and matching them you can absolutely make a very chic look for yourself. such as;

A classic : Black and white ! This color combination never fails to give you a very chic and sophisticated look. And this color combination will never get out of style.Any season any occasion, you can never go wrong with black and white. But there are also other options, that are a good take on chic look. You can create a chicest ensemble just by choosing certain colored pieces;

- Nude, Blush and Black.

images nb-hcb-foundation-med-beige-color rose_blush_1884_1_



- Red, Black and Gold.

images gold-colour-wallpaper red-300x300


- Navy Blue and Mustard.

mustard.jpg navy-blue-vinyl-5m-x-various-widths-98-p


- Grey and Navy.

navy-blue-vinyl-5m-x-various-widths-98-p 4872475c-f0d0-496e-a6d5-f2103cd7639f


- Aqua and Brown.

26D6CF 300px-Color_icon_brown.svg_

- White and Taupe.

White_square 1280x1024-pale-taupe-solid-color-background



- Lilac and Grey.

4872475c-f0d0-496e-a6d5-f2103cd7639f lilac


- Blush and Muted Yellow.

rose_blush_1884_1_ 97e0e2c82548b5cebe3396756ba701cb


- Muted Orange and Olive tones.

a68dbdaaf50a235a3fb2a497d9511a6f index


- Tan and Black.

tan images




And if you want to go with more vibrant colors, Jewel tones are the best.



However the key to have a Chic look while using jewel tones is to keep the ensemble single toned with gold, silver or bronze accessories. Less is more.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.


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