Traveling with a baby

All mothers get a little stressed when they travel with a baby, specially for the first time, i know i did. All babies are different and they respond differently, but there are several ways to make travelling easy with babies.

Check List

It’s very helpful to make a list of all the essentials before you pack, and pack accordingly. We all know being a mom our minds are all over the place multitasking. Having a list saves you from forgetting things and worrying about little things, that can push you to the edge.

- Diapers
- Wipes
- Changing pad
- Clothes (base onsies, sleep onsies, day outfits etc)
- Socks
- Shoes
- Blanket
- Tissues
- Collapsible Stroller
- Toys
- Baby food
- Bibs
- Snacks for yourself
- Nursing cover (if you are nursing)
- Bottles and Formula (if you’re bottle feeding)

Additional things for comfort :
If your baby has a specific toy, blanket, or a pacifier that soothes them, bring them with you.
If you can afford than buy a portable crib so baby is familiar with his own crib rather than having a new one everytime you check-in somewhere. Believe me it really helps. When the baby and mommy daddy gets good night sleep they can enjoy their holidays, or else fussy baby and worried parents, that doesn’t sound like a fun holiday.

Tips & Tricks:
Babies absolutely love watching Baby Einstein or some cartoons, download their favorite cartoons or show whatever they like in your ipad, tablet, phone or whatever. If your baby decides not to cooperate no matter what, this will never fail, or at least 9 out of 10 people say that.

Don’t Panic !
When you get stressed , your baby gets stressed.
stay calm, no one is judging you, we all know how it goes. Do your best and don’t worry.

Good Luck !!
hope these tips help you..
Zunaira Sulman.

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