Top 5 lipsticks

My Top 5 lipsticks:

In today’s blog I’m gonna be sharing my top 5 lipsticks, that i have been loving at the moment and reaching for. I love lipsticks so much, they are my GUILTY PLEASURE make-up product. Even if I know i have enough lipsticks, they just drag me in the mall and suck me in haha. Alright, that’s a little dramatic but i really really love lipsticks. I call them “grown up women’s candy” haha.











Chanel Rouge Allure

Luminous Intense Lip Colour

90 Pimpante




This lipstick has to be my favorite Pinky Coral. It is a perfect amount of orange and pink together. It looks so amazing when you have a tan. It brings out your tan even more, and give you that uber fab effortless godessy look. I know it’s a splurge, but it is so worth it, and anyway once in a while it’s good to treat yourself with nice, luxury products. However, you can always, find an affordable version of any high-end product and make it work. This lipstick is so creamy in texture and the thing i love the most is it stays on your lips for a good amount of time, yet it’s not sticky. Because most lipsticks with long-lasting power are sticky. Plus i love, love, LOVE the packaging, it’s so luxurious, Gold and Black, push cap, so it doesn’t make a mess in your bag. I just love everything about this lipstick. And i don’t regret splurging on it.


Mac Amplified Creme

Morange A92


There’s actually a really funny story behind this lipstick. I DID NOT like this lipstick in the beginning, and after using it just one time I threw it in the drawer and didn’t look back at it for a long time. I always grab bright lipsticks, if I’m in a rush and have no time to get ready, they instantly make you look so much better. So i grabbed it on accident, i was grabbing another Mac lipstick, i put it on and i loved how it  looked, then I found myself reaching for this lipstick again and again. And now it is one of my favorite, favorite lipsticks. And this lippie is perfect for all year long. Any season any outfit. It is this unique shade of orange that flatters every skin tone. In my opinion it’s the best orange lipstick i have tried.


Maybelline Color-sensational

527 Lady Red



It is this Gorgeous Perfect Red Shade, which is not to orangy and not too blue toned. It is not to dark and not to bright. It is somewhere in the middle and it is my favorite red lipstick from a long long time. Red lips are like weapon for a woman, so you better make it good. Red lipsticks are flattering for everybody and their mommies. I love the texture of this lipstick, it’s not to glossy and not to matte. You don’t really need to apply a lipgloss on top of it, if you don’t want to. It is very opaque and the application is very very easy. Since applying red lipstick and making it look good is not a very easy job.


Maybelline Colour-sensetional

725 Tantalizing Taupe


I have mentioned this lippie in “my favorite nude lip combo” blogpost. So i have also been loving this a lot. I like my nudes to be on a pinky side. Since finding the perfect nude is not a very easy task because often it looks like you have smeared concealer on your lips or it gives a dead mouth look. So this lipstick is my favorite nude lipstick from the drugstore. It is pink enough to make it look like yeah, you do have lips and you are alive lol. But taupey enough to give that classy nude lip look.



Color Riche

378 Velvet Rose


If  I could only keep one lipstick for the rest of my life, this is the one i would pick. I absolutely love this lipstick and I am already almost done with the second one. That says enough by itself. It is this pretty pink color, which is like, your lips but better. It looks so natural and effortless yet so chic and pretty. And i can’t say enough good this about this lipstick. Love the packaging and love the texture. It gives your lips that plump and hydrated look.



These are my 5 favorite lipsticks at the moment.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.

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