Top 5 Beauty Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Beauty Tips & Tricks:

We all are beautiful, with or without make up. Beauty and fashion is just the way to express yourself, and your style, and enhance the beauty that already exists. What we see on TV, magazines and social media is nothing but beauty tricks, that we all can achieve. In this post I’m going to share my quick beauty tips and tricks, which I have been doing for years. And I hope you learn something new from them;


Hate wearing False Lashes?

Applying Mascara in front of a fan, and holding the curl until it’s dried will give you longer and more curved lashes. Also If you apply baby powder in between each coat of the mascara it will thicken up your mascara. And those who lack in lash department like myself will get the most amazing false lashes like effect. And let’s be honest, which girl doesn’t wanna hai full, thick, long and curved lashes.





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Blush and Lipstick as Lip tint, Natural Makeup look ?

They key to get most natural looking make up “no makeup, makeup” is using your natural blush toned, blush shade, wow well that sounds messed up. You skin has a natural blushing color. Do a little cardio, go for a run, or stand in cold for a while, you will soon figure that out. That shade is your natural blush shade, Use vaseline or chapstick on your lips, and dab on the the blush with the help of your finger. Or any blush or lipstick you can turn into a lip tint.

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Makeup looks flaky?

Exfoliation and moisturizing is very important. It will do 70% of the work. Makeup application is always smoother when you exfoliate your skin. And use a good highlither. And use a dewy foundation. Your make up will look so much more smoother and your skin will look healthy and glowing.











Pigmented lips, Lipstick doesn’t show up right ?

While you’re apply your foundation, swipe the brush,finger tips,beauty blender, whatever you use to apply your foundation over your lips too, it will neutralize your lips and your lipstick will show up better and more even. Rather than two or three toned.





Take good care of your skin,Eat clean, Drink water,Be active and sleep well:

Skin care is the, most, MOST, MOOOST important thing. Have a good skin care regimen. Make up will look million times better if your skin is smooth and healthy. So keep your skin clean and moisturized. Eat clean. I feel like I emphasize on this point in every single blogpost of mine but I still feel the need to mention it again. Investing in super expensive, amazing makeup products will do nothing if you and your skin is not healthy. Beauty in my books is about lifestyle. So life to the fullest and it will show through your personality. Never forget what actually matters. Have a healthy lifestyle.


Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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