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Things I bought over the weekend

Things I bought over the weekend:

So, this past weekend was actually kind of a waste. It snowed so much on Sunday. We had some plans which we had to cancel because It was snowing so much, and I am actually really bummed about that. Anyway, Saturday was kinda cool. Picked up some things here and there, and enjoyed the day of love, yes ! Valentine’s day. It was cool seeing flowers, balloons and candiesย  everywhere. And people acting mushy. No, I do not have any problem with people acting mushy and overly romantic. I find it cute. That’s just me. I love weekends like a fat kid loves candy, and if they are sunny, I am the happiest person in this world. I love family time, and I love spending time with my husband. Who doesn’t actually ? I am making a big deal for no reason, I guess everyone enjoys family time. As I mentioned before in my blog, I do not go on shopping sprees until I really need one, as in retail therapy (lol), which i rarely ever need. But I do pick up things if i need or like something. It’s never really planned. This week was no exception. I picked up few beauty and few fashion bits.

Beauty Bits:

Nothing really special. I just needed makeup removing wipes, and cleansing water, plus a spot treatment for random acne, that just pops up out of nowhere (lol). To everybody who asks me if I ever break out, yes I do. I am human too, surprise surprise (lol). *bubble burst*



1-ย  Garnier cleansing water

2-ย  Bebe makeup removing wipes

3-ย  Clearasil spot treatment


I personally do not like to take my makeup off with make up wipes. No matter how soft and gentle they are, I prefer taking my makeup off with makeup remover and facial cotton pads. I like to reallyyyyyy soak the cotton pad in makeup removing solution and put it over my eyes and let my makeup melt and than wipe it off. However If I don’t have a lot of makeup on. And I have a very thin layer of foundation, some blush, lip balm and mascara, I go for wipes. In that case wipes work great. Specially these ones, I always repurchased these wipes. Bebe 3 in 1 makeup wipes are amazing. They are super wet. I hate it when wipes are just damp and you have to rub it on your skin and damage your skin. It makes your skin rough and you feel the burning sensation. Ahh! hate that. Bebe wipes are really wet as compare to other makeup wipes and it works great. These are the only wipes that I use now. So just repurchased a pack, since I was running out.


I do have clear skin for the most part (touchwood). I don’t have much issues with acne and pimples. But we all get occasional break outs. I am only human. In that case I can not live without a good localized acne spot treatment. I am trying this one out for the first time. I always use the Neutrogena one. But I can not find it here anymore, and out of nowhere, a pimple popped out on my on face, and it’s more for my psychological need, than physical need (lol). It just helps me to not pick on my pimples. And I feel like yes I did my part, now It will go away. It’s all psychological for me. But I can not say anything about how this one works, since I have just bought it, and started using it. It says that it will reduce the redness and the appearance of a pimple in 4 hours. You are going go to see a visible difference. I don’t know about that. All I know is, I do not expect my spot treatment to do that, since it is not magical product. Let’s see how it goes.


Garnier Micellar Water is known to be an absolute dupe for Bioderma Crealine H2O, just a fancy name, they both are cleansing waters. I like to use a gentle cleansing water for my face, and I use a separate eye makeup remover for my eyes, just because I use coats and coats of mascara and gel eyeliner, which garnier micellar cleanser will take off, but I will have to wait for longer and swipe more, which I do not want. So I use a separate eye makeup remover just for eyes, and this for rest of my face. It is suuuuper gentle, It does not leave your skin dry and rough, or super oily like most other makeup removers do, the whole idea of cleansing water was to have something more gentle and cleansing for you skin. And at the end I wash everything off with a regular face-wash, because I am one of those people, who can’t just do with only makeup wipes or removers, I have to use a regular face wash and water to feel clean and fresh. It’s my second bottle. I used to use Avene cleansing water, which has a slight scent to it, I like that scent, my skin is not sensitive to fragrance. But it is way more expensive and does the same job as Garnier cleansing water.

Fashion Bits:

So I wore RED for the first time ever in my life, a proper, plain red. I never wear just plain red anything. I think red does not look good on me. And also red is is not the prettiest color. I think so (lol). I love red on other people, long shirts, long gowns, tops, blouse, but I never saw myself wearing red, up until last weeked. So, I saw this top and I fell in Love with it, It was absolutely my Style, Boxy and square, lose fitted and on top LACE. I have a thing for LACE. I tried to resit it and looked around, but I couldn’t resist it, I asked my husband to tell me how it looks on me, went to try room, wore it and surprisingly I found it to look really good on me, plus my husband was like, it looks amazing you have to get it. And I was like wow that is mushy, it is valentine’s day and I am gonna get a red blouse, which I am gonna wear. Anyway, I ended up buying that top, and I do not regret. I finally own a red piece. I have something red in my closet, and I think after this one, my myth is been crushed, red does look okay on me. I will be adding few more red pieces in my closet. Everything about this top calls my name, the neckline, the boxy cut, the sleeves, the ham-line, and LACE <3



I need to shift back to my home, so I can use my stuff and take pretty pictures. Right now this is the best I can do for this blog. Which is fine, but I do know I am capable of doing better, which in future I will be doing. I just want to settle in my home, I wish I could add a sad emoji right here (lol). *sad emoji inserted* lol

IMG_4008 IMG_4009

Spring is coming, I am excited, Even though there are no signs of spring yet, but oh well, I can’t wait for spring and spring allergies(lol). I feel like I’m very much into boxy tops, this is another boxy top, which is more like a crop top, I am gonna have to wear a tank top with it. I love the print, the colors and the cut of this top so much. I do realize the clothes I buy are not very interesting in pictures, but when you wear them they are a whole new story. This top looks fabulous when you wear it. I always try stuff before I buy it, that’s what try rooms are for, and I use them. A lot of times when you see something, you like it, but it does not mean it will look the same way on you, like it does in your mind. (pssstttt). That’s why I always try stuff before I buy it.


Lastly I bought a Gold chain necklace. I love gold chains so much. I have ditched my necklaces from the day my daughter was born. When she was too tiny they are really dangerous, but as they grow, they think those necklaces are toys lol. So I have totally ditched them from a long long time. But I feel like now, I can wear a necklace for short time periods, and a gold chain necklace is the best to start with. This is the last thing I bought.

I hope you found this post somewhat useful and fun.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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