The Spring/Summer Lovin’ Tag

The Spring/Summer Lovin’ Tag

Tags are one of the most fun blog-posts to read and write. It’s a great way to get to know someone a little better. Obviously it depends on what kind of blog you have, for me personally, I don’t share much about myself, which is why I’m really bad at making connections with my readers, and I’m totally aware of that. When Saman from “a beauty detour” tagged me to do this post it seemed like a good idea to dip my toes into these kind of blog posts, and secondly because Sam is such a genuine, kindhearted and sweet person. She’s beautiful from the inside and out. It’s after getting to know about her I saw how friendly and fun “blogger community” actually is. Well, it’s no secret by now how much I love spring and summer. Mama lives for this time of the year. I feel alive when the days are longer and sun shines brighter ! Sounds dramatic but it’s true. Anyhow without making this post any longer, let’s answer the spring/summer loving tag questions.

The Spring/Summer Lovin' Tag

Favorite Perfume?

I’m very specific about the scents I wear. Since I love floral scents, if they ain’t the right kind they make you smell like grandma’s yard or a flower shop. Gardenia scents are my favorite kind. Last year The Body shop came out with the limited edition English Dawn White gardenia collection, and a year before that they had this gardenia body mist which was limited edition as well. I’ve been using those for a couple of years now. Since I knew they were limited edition I bought a couple and my hubby got me the whole set for Mother’s day last year since he knew how obsessed I was. Still using those. Onto my last bottle now. Any suggestions for good gardenia scents ? Please leave them below I’ll really really appreciate that. Also I absolutely love Rituals FLEURS DE L’HIMALAYA.

Favorite Lip Color?

Oranges and Peaches are my favorite shades for spring and summer lipsticks. MAC matte lipstick “kinda sexy” is my absolute favorite lipstick all year round. It’s a gorgeous peachy nude which looks stunning with the tan and glow.

Favorite Drink?

I make this mint pink lemonade which is to die for. It’s basically just pink lemonade with mint. Oh my God ! It’s so refreshing and heavenly.

Favorite Blush ?

I’m not a blush person, if you follow me on instagram you’ll notice that none of my makeup looks are blush heavy. I keep it very subtle. Sleek Blush by 3 “Lace” is a great blush trio which has three beautiful coral blushes. It’s not crazy heavily pigmented, it’s perfect for anyone like me who likes just a slight wash of color.

Favorite Clothing Item ?

Again, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I live in skinny jeans but for spring and summer I absolutely love H&M and ZARA jeggings. Every Year H&M and ZARA bring these lightweight jeggings which are perfect for spring and summer. They fit like a glove without restricting movement like jeans does.

Favorite Movie ?

Any movie counts? I love watching movies and TV series. Oh but horror movies, Nope ! never ! I don’t ever watch horror movies. Hate them !

Favorite TV Show ?

This is a tough one because there’re so many. Currently I’m obsessed with Empire, watched it twice and absolutely love it. It has everything I love.

Favorite Food ?

I’m a very very VERY Picky eater. Besides pizza, pasta and cake, I absolutely love cherries, blueberries, pomegranates and litchis.

I tag anyone who is interested in being a part of this spring/summer lovin’ tag. And if you don’t have a blog answer these question in the comments below I’d love to hear from you.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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