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THE MAYFAIR CLUTCH REVIEW | iDeal of Sweden | Zunaira Sulman

iDeal of Sweden



How many of you think that as the time is passing by, life keeps getting busier and busier? Well, it’s a good thing. But,

as much as I love staying busy and being there for people I love, it’s very easy to put myself last on the priority list. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, because your priorities change as you go about life, and as long as you at least put yourself on that list, you’re good.

As a Mom, especially as a SAHM, who socializes mostly with little tiny humans, it’s very easy to get lost in that SAHM role.

It’s the little things that once made you feel more put together, confident, polished, and quite honestly powerful, that slowly start to vanish away.

It starts with just putting your phone in the diaper bag pocket, and giving up your handbag, and slowly you watch yourself change into another human.

You see that’s the thing, you absolutely should be making changes, but not the kind of changes that make you give up on yourself.

You must be thinking well, what is all that rant about ?

Let me tell you, no matter how busy you get, never forget to find ways to make yourself feel confident and organized. There’ll be a different kind of bounce in your step when you feel pampered and organized.

I wanted to share with you one of those things that truly give me that feeling of I HAVE GOT THIS!! And that feeling is priceless.


In today’s fast paced life, the last thing you need to do is to waste your time rummaging through your bag trying to find your wallet, cash, cards, cell phone, etc. Personally as a Mom, along with my children I already carry the whole house with me when we go out. The idea of carrying an additional bag just for myself is exasperating.

The iDeal of Sweden Mayfair Clutch has been the perfect solution to that. All my essentials in one place.

Whether you’re running for school/work, or paying for the bus ticket to catch the bus.

Whether you’re going for a shopping spree or groceries,

Whether you are taking a walk with a friend or a dinner out,

Whether you’re taking the kids out, or going for some quick me-time.

This baby right here has got you !


Easy access.

Super secure magnetic hold.

Easily detachable, for when you don’t need the wallet.



I have kept an extra key as well in one of the slots. It doesn’t scratch the phone whatsoever.


Comes with a wrist strap so you can be hands-free.

Even though the hook isn’t intended for a key chain, but you can very easily hook on your keys to make it more practical and convenient for you.



  • The clutch is handmade and feels high quality.
  • The lining is super soft.
  • Love it not only for practicality but it also looks super chic.
  • Fits every look and occasion.
  • Love the simplicity of it.


Hope this review was helpful.



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