Brow Products on Rotation

Brow Products on Rotation Current favorite brow products                              Today’s blog post is dedicated to my current favorite brow products. I rarely ever change the basic makeup products. My brow routine has been the same for more than a year now, I do…

nude lipstick

How to rock a Nude lipstick

How to rock a Nude lipstick It’s no secret by now that I absolutely love nude lipsticks. Nude lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, they look beautiful on everyone, on every occasion, you just can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick. With that being said I think it’s pretty tricky to achieve a look that is not…

Top Nude lip

Top Nude lip picks

Top Nude lip picks Every girl needs a perfect nude lip combo in her life. A nude lip look is so versatile, timeless and beautiful. I’m not so big on mid-tone lippies, I  either go with nude lips or absolutely bold statement lips. You’ll never feel overdone or underdone while wearing a perfect nude lip….

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Posie dream – Makeup look

Posie dream – Makeup look Thanks “Zahra Raza” for suggesting the name for this makeup look. I could not come up with the name, So I asked on my facebook page for suggestions and I felt this one was super fitting and it sounded nice too (haha). I started this makeup look without having any…