Brow Products on Rotation

Brow Products on Rotation Current favorite brow products                              Today’s blog post is dedicated to my current favorite brow products. I rarely ever change the basic makeup products. My brow routine has been the same for more than a year now, I do…

perfect red lips

Top 5 Red Lipsticks

Top 5 Red Lipsticks Recently I shared a blog post on my favorite red lip combo, in which I shared Sephora lip cream #1 Always red. I received some messages saying that not all of you can get your hands on sephora lip creams. Here’re some of my other favorite red lipsticks, most of them…

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How to rock a Nude lipstick

How to rock a Nude lipstick It’s no secret by now that I absolutely love nude lipsticks. Nude lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, they look beautiful on everyone, on every occasion, you just can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick. With that being said I think it’s pretty tricky to achieve a look that is not…


7 Products I always repurchase

7 Products I always repurchase You know you really like a product when you repurchase it, but if you keep a backup, you really LOVE that product. These are 7 of the products that not only I always repurchase but also keep backups of. Garnier Micellar Water Garnier Micellar water is my absolute must-have. I…

Everyday Foundation Routine

Everyday Foundation Routine

Everyday Foundation Routine          I don’t wear makeup every single day. When I say “Everyday Foundation Routine” I mean days when I put on makeup for casual affairs and nothing special. I recently shared “Drugstore Full Coverage Foundation Routine” that’s the routine I follow when there’s something special, and I really wanna…

Top Nude lip

Top Nude lip picks

Top Nude lip picks Every girl needs a perfect nude lip combo in her life. A nude lip look is so versatile, timeless and beautiful. I’m not so big on mid-tone lippies, I  either go with nude lips or absolutely bold statement lips. You’ll never feel overdone or underdone while wearing a perfect nude lip….