Summer 2015 makeup trends

Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

I love playing with makeup in colder months, but in summer. Uhh! Not so much. Summer 2015 makeup trends are super easy, quick and fuss-free and I love that. This summer is all about stained lips, glowing skin and replacing blacks with browns. I’m not big on colorful eyeshadows,liners and mascaras but that’s definitely one of summer 2015 makeup trends, especially lilac eyeshadows.

In this blog I’m not only sharing summer 2015 makeup trends, but also how to recreate my favorite ones.

Summer 2015 Makeup Trends #1

Minimal/Natural Makeup

All you need to create any minimal/natural makeup look is,

  • Medium coverage foundation
  • Mascara
  • Brown eye pencil
  • Peachy blush
  • Pinky lip color
  • Face powder
  • Brow kit (Powder)
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter

2015 Makeup Trends

2015 Makeup Trends

2015 Makeup Trends

2015 Makeup Trends


Summer 2015 Makeup Trends #2

Glowing Skin

  • Go ham on the highlighter. But only where it’s supposed to be.


  • Mix a liquid iluminator in your foundation.


2015 Makeup Trends


Summer 2015 Makeup Trends #3

Stained Lips

You don’t need a lip stain to create this Summer 2015 Makeup trend. Use a regular lipstick and dab it on your moisturized lips, you can even go with the popsicle lip look. Dab it on with your finger. And take the excess off by blotting your lips with a tissue paper. If you have pigmented lips, feel free to use a base lipstick,which is close to your natural lip color, blot it off, and then apply a darker shade in the middle.

stained lip

stained lip

I just shared how to recreate my favorite Summer 2015 Trends.

What is your favorite one of these summer 2015 makeup trends ?

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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