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Subtle Purple Smokey eye – Quick and Easy

Subtle Purple Smokey eye – Quick and Easy

You don’t always have to go neutral when you are in hurry and have not much time to get ready. You can still keep it different and interesting with a pop of color. This look is sooo quick and easy to create, yet it is not your usual neutral eye look. To anyone who is not a big fan of neutral looks, would love this one. It literally takes 5 minutes to create a complete “start to finish” look, and by start to finish I mean from base and blush to lips and hair. you only need 5 minutes. I love how there is a pop of color in the look but still it is appropriate for any casual affairs. And you will not feel your makeup is over-done even when you are wearing a purple eyeshaodw.


Step #1

Very simple and easy. I was not even sure if I wanted to add this on my blog, but I realized it is a great way for the beginners to create an easy smokey eye look. And I have quite a few people writing me how they really don’t know where to start. This look is great for them and also for those who are in hurry, like moms myself. Anyway, I just applied a purple shadow on the lids. Nothing difficult. Any purple shadow would world. I used “urban” from urban decay electric palette. And I also applied a really thin line in the inner corner of the eyes on the lower lashline.


Step #2

After that I took a matte brown shadow and swiped it in my crease, to blend out harsh purple line and also make the look more interesting, and the brown also neutralizes the look a bit, so, it is not just a harsh purple shadow on the lids. I used “buck” from urban decay naked original palette. Also I highlighted my browbone using a matte vanilla shade. I used “foxy” from UD naked 2 palette.


Step #3

To make this look a little more smokier, but still day time appropriate I added a metallic shimmery brown in the outter V of the eyes. I used “darkhorse” from urban decay naked original palette. And blended it out well, with buck. And without taking anymore eyeshadow I swiped the brush on the lower lashline and connected it with “urban” in the inner corner of the eyes.

IMG_9195Lastly I added a black pencil in the inner rims of the eyes and applied few coats of mascara and that’s it for the eyes.


I think pinks really compliment purples, but at the same time I did not want too much color on my face. So I ended up applying a nude lipstick and topped it up with a sheer pink gloss, it gave that pink hue but it didn’t look like I had too much color on my face. Sometime bright colors, when they are not done right, makes you look clownish. And nobody likes that. I used Essence nude lipstick called “in the nude” and applied a Sephora gloss in “rose petal” on top.

IMG_9773 IMG_9774IMG_9457


I just curled the front pieces of the hair. And pinned my hair back in half up-do. And that’s all I did. I love how super quick and easy this whole look is, and how it made me look so awake and alert instantly. I was sleepy, I am always sleepy(lol).


Outfit Details:

Top: C&A

Jacket: Stoneage

Jeans: Levi’s

Sneakers: Nike

Ear studs: Swarovski

And My Daughter’s whole outfit is from H&M.Love H&M !


I hope you got some inspiration for easy and quick getting ready situation type of thing(lol).

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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