ombre lips

Subtle Ombre Lips

Subtle Ombre Lips

I personally can’t rock an intense ombre lip look. I don’t think it’s for me, or suits my style, however to try out the ombre lips trend you don’t have to go all out with dark vampy colors and intense ombre. You can keep it soft and subtle, and in my opinion it looks much prettier and also it’s perfect for everyday. Basically gradient/ombre lips trend is inspired by Korean Gradient/Ombre lips. These days it feel like everything is inspired by Korean beauty techniques. Anyhow it’s a gorgeous trend and for anyone who wants their lips to look fuller and voluptuous this technique is a must-try. There’re many ways to do an ombre lips look, In this post I’m sharing favorite one,

ombre lips




Favorite Combination

  • Too faced liquified lipstick: Melted Peony
  • MAC cosmetics matte lipstick: Velvet Teddy
  • Essence Lip Liner: Honey Bun (optional)

You don’t need these exact lip products to create this look, grab any pink and beigey nude lipstick you have. A medium brown lip pencil is optional, but if you want your lips to look really full, don’t skip it.


too faced melted peony

too faced melted kisses and sweet cheeks

essence makeup

mac cosmetics matte lipstick velvet teddy

mac velvet teddy


  1. Apply a pink lipstick on the inner thirds of the lips.
  2. A beigey nude lipstick on the outer parts.
  3. Use a medium brown lip liner to line your lips and shade the outer thirds (corners) of the lips.
  4. Make sure everything is seemless and blended.

ombre lips


I know this part makes it sound confusing and a little difficult, but honestly it’s super easy. I personally love gradient style ombre way more than dark lip liner and stuff. Even though it’s so simple, but there’s always some sort of uniqueness to it, instead of just being a flat lipstick.

ombre lips

ombre lips

 If you try out this technique show me your pictures on instagram or facebook.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.



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