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Spring/Summer Trends I am excited about

Spring/Summer Trends I am excited about

I have to say I am not a big trend follower. I just flow with my mood and go wherever it takes me. I have in fact never been a trend follower. However this year and also last year trends have been more my style. I always had a very simple but chic or sporty chic kinda style. I loved nude shades, clothes, nail colors, shoes etc etc before it got trendy, and lucky for me it is now a “trendy thing”, which makes me kinda trendy, and wow I don’t care lol. This year a lot of new fashion and beauty trends have been seen on the ramp, such as fringe, suede, red leather, denim dresses, all white, gingham print, mesh, kimonos, maxi dresses, the color of the year “marsala”, sleeveless lightweight flowy coats, big dark floral prints,jumpsuits etc. In this blog I will be sharing my favorite spring/summer trends that I think are more appropriate for life off the ramp and easy to incorporate in your life,


I wanted to add “all white” to be honest, but I am a mom, and All white just sounds like a recipe to disaster to me, plus I’m wayyy too clumsy, I don’t trust myself enough with all white trend. So I would go with “monochrome” trend. I anyway love monochromatic looks all year long. Monochrome trend is basically wearing head to toe same color, it makes you look taller and more fit. You can always play with different shades of the same color or totally go with one tone, it totally depends on your taste. For me monochrome is an all year long thing, not just spring/summer.

all blackk


I love stripes. There’s something about them that just screams casual chic. I mean it’s one thing to wear a plain tee, which I absolutely love but, stripes just makes you look a little more pulled together. It is casual enough to wear to a park and formal enough to wear to an important meeting. It is just a perfect balance.



I’m all about neutrals, from head-to-toe, I love neutral shoes, I love neutral nail colors, I love nude lipsticks, I love neutral colored clothing, I absolutely adore neutral shades, I have always had a very “grown up choice of colors” as a lot of people used to say. But those are the kind of shades that attract me and make me feel pretty, so obviously I am not gonna wear a neon green shirt just because it is considered age appropriate to some people, wth is that, I don’t get that logic anyway. I am more a “pop of color” kinda girl, I have always loved adding a pop of color with accessories or lip colors but Oh well, Loved neutrals since forever, and now they are on trend. Love it Love it Love it !!


Sporty Chic

Ok I have this dual-personality thing going on with me, from as long as I can remember. I love sporty chic outfits. A pair of high top sneakers, with a jumper or a hood or a lose tee, I think it looks very funnnnnn, but still it’s not too “teenage looking” if that makes any sense. I love the amount of comfort you get with this style, you don’t have to worry about anything related to your look, shoes not being comfy, clothes being uncomfortable, it is just a dream outfit in my opinion, it is chic it is comfy what else do you want from life?

sporty chic zs

Minimal/natural makeup

As much as I love playing with makeup, I am a big fan of keeping your makeup minimal, and keeping it natural looking. This spring/summer is all about minimal makeup looks, that enhance your natural features, their are other colorful eyeliner, especially blue eyeliner kinda trends, but I am not excited about them at all, I love my black eyeliner wayy too much. Anyway I have always loved the soft feminine makeup looks, and it’s a trend this year, yayyy!!


Bold lips (orangey red)

What would be spring/summer without fun lippies? I mean when you think of spring and summer you just visualize bright fun lip colors, oranges, and pinks. However All the bright lip colors are trendy, but the orangey red is the trendiest. I happen to love Orangey lip shades anyway, so yayyyy for that too.

orangey red lip

Subtle and Comfy

I love how the trends for the spring/summer 2015 are so subtle and comfy. Everything is portrayed in a very subtle way, even the really really glam outfits, on the ramp were pretty muted and subtle, especially for being on the ramp, because we all know how crazy it gets on the ramp, I in fact used to think “who wears that” as a child, as a matter of fact I still sometimes do, well just kidding, most of the times(lol). But oh well, I am happy with some of the trends this year.

I’m definitely going to be trendy this year, not because I want to or I care, but because the things I have been loving ever since my existence are finally in style(lol).So, these are all the spring/summer trends I am excited about, out of all the ones I shared, which one you fancy the most?

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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