Spring Must Haves 2015

Spring Must Haves 2015

Oh Spring, as much as I love you, I hate the fact you bring severe allergies and headaches for me and many other people. But I love you enough to deal with your baggage(lol). I love spring, because it is not toooo hot and not tooooo cold. And I like that. Spring to me means, pops of colors, flavored water and iced tea, going on walks, playing in the park and lounging around. It means flowy tops and chilling by the lake side. I love the carefree and positive vibes of spring. Especially where I live, Switzerland, it is known to be the land of greenery and flowers. Even though it doesn’t go in my favor since I have pollen allergy, which is not super severe but severe enough to give me bulging eyes and headaches(lol). In this blog I am going to share my spring must haves as the title of this blog suggests, to make my spring time more fun and relaxed.

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Eye drops:

Oh so boring, I know that. But I can not survive spring without my eye drops. My eyes will pop out and my head will explode if I didn’t have them with me at all times. So that is number one on my list. Ain’t nobody got time for headaches. Nothing much to say about that, pretty self-explanatory.


Pops of Color:

What is spring without vibrant and beautiful colors. As much as I like to keep my makeup and outfits neutral, I love adding pops of colors. Adding pops of colors to a plain outfit makes it interesting and more spring appropriate, so you don’t have to go all out and transform your whole wardrobe. Just adding few pops of colors by adding may be a nail paint, or a necklace or bracelet, or a handbag, etc. I myself LOVE adding pops of color with bright cross body bags. It is the most subtle and effective way of changing up your wardrobe and make it more weather appropriate.


Blotting sheets and Matt foundation

As it starts to get sunny my skin tends to get really oily in the Tzone especially. So I like to change up the formula of the foundation I use, I am not very big on BB creams, I like them, but I think that is just a fancy name of tinted moisturizer. But oh well, I have bought a new matte foundation recently which I am testing out currently. Blotting sheets are a must for every girl. Oiliness on the face cause most breakouts and lead to acne scaring, get rid of that oil from your skin and let your pores breathe.



It’s not just an accessory for me. I NEED sunglasses. Firstly because of pollen allergy and secondly my eyes get super sensitive in the sun or wind. And it is a recipe for disaster if I don’t wear a pair of sunglasses. It would ruin my whole day, squinting and watery eyes, ahh ! that even sounds scary. It is an absolute must have for me. Plus it looks great and makes the outfit more fashion forward so I am not complaining at all. All these pictures are from my instagram account, if you follow me there you might have already seen them.

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Comfy Shoes:

I walk a lot in spring, A LOT. So comfy shoes are super important for me. And by comfy shoes I mean any pair that doesn’t hurt my feet. It can be of any kind, sandals, pumps, wedges, whatever, any pair in which I can walk for the longest. And take in all the beauty of spring.


I used to never care about sunblock, at all. In fact I would stay in sun all day long and would not wear sunblock, until last summer when I was on vacation with my daughter, and I would always use a sun block for her, because it’s important and all, for their delicate skin. And My husband also uses it, because otherwise he gets sunburned, but as I am getting old and learning more about skin I realized how important it is to use a sunblock/sunscreen. It is super super important. I started using products with SPF, like moisturizer and makeup products, and that is my preferred way of wearing sunblock. Sunblock gives you white mask when you take pictures with flash, so avoid sunblock in those situations but when you are out and about always wear sunscreen. I myself am trying to keep up with that.


Lip Treatment:

I have to have some sort of lip treatment all the time in my bag with me. I like to use transparent lip balms/treatments. I can always dab on some lipstick on my lips and apply clear balm over it and make my own lip balm in seconds. So I am not very big on tinted lip balms. But those are great too.


Hand cream:

      I don’t know whats the deal with my hands, I always have to moisturize them. They get super dry if I don’t. So no matter what season it is I have to have a hand cream and it is a must have for any season. There is nothing that annoys me more than dry sandpaper hands. (Well I say about everything that annoys me lol). Anyway, I like to keep my hand moisturized.


Body roll on and Floral Scents:

Body roll on is a must in any season, any weather whatever, everyone should use one, lol. I love floral scents, and spring/summer is the best time to wear them. Floral scents are my type. I am very picky with the scents I wear, I like floral scents, but not super strong and over empowering scents, that make you smell like a flower shop or bouquet. Body mists, perfumes, roll on perfumes, anything works for me. As much as body mists are more appropriate for spring/summer, I am not very picky about that. It totally depends on my current favorite scent, and I would wear it. Heck! If I can wear gardenia mist in winter, I think it is obvious I am not very bothered with rules and do’s and don’ts (lol). Such a scent rebel. (rofl)


Leather or Light Jacket

Spring is not always sunny and warm where I live. It does get chilly and cold in the evening or there are days when there is no sun at all. I like to wear flowy light weight clothes, and it is very important for me to keep a light jacket with me at all times. I prefer leather jackets. It is not too warm, it looks nice, goes with everything and idk how but manages the perfect body temperature. So, gotta love a nice leather jacket. And I have started wearing a leather jacket already.


Blush and Highlighter:

I like to get a little blush and highlighter heavy in spring and summer. I get tanned very easily. I love when I get tanned, and also love to enhance it by wearing some highlighter and bring it out more. I wear lipsticks and nail paints that bring my tan out and make it look amazing. My skin doesn’t go patchy or dry with tan. I do not tan intentionally. I do not lay in the sun forever to get a tan. But as the sun starts to show up a bit, my skin gets the nicest tan and it stays for a long long time. I still have a little bit tan from last time we went to Egypt, and that was back in October. So yeah ! I like having that glow over my tan.


I think Spring/Summer is all about being relaxed and enjoying life.Not that autumn/winter isn’t but at the same time, in autumn and winter, you start feeling isolated, there are not much outdoor activities, we have been to cabin lifts, hiking, and snowboarding but at the same time I think especially with a baby you can not be relaxed, you always worry about it being safe and stuff. But in spring and summer, walking by the lake or playing in the park, or having gelato in the city-center everything is very relaxed and fun. Heavy jackets and bundled up babies do not weigh us down, we are more free and mobile(lol). I don’t know if it makes any sense to you, but oh it’s a great feeling to not wear heavy jackets and layer up clothes on your child. Anyway, these are all my spring must haves. Share yours in the comment section below and I would love to know them.

Have fun !


Zunaira Sulman.

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