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Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial with Two lip options

Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial with Two lip options:

This makeup look is very soft but statement at the same time. I have used neutral shades but at the same time they are not your usual neutral shades. They are a bit darker and more vibrant as compare to soft and light neutral shadows. I have used Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for this look. As I always say you do not need to use the exact same products. Any shadows that look close to the pictures  I am about to share will do the trick. I have shared two lip options for this makeup look. If you are someone who is not very comfortable with statement lips, you can totally use pink-ish nudes or pink lipsticks for this look. And If you are someone who enjoys wearing statement lips, you can totally rock a dark lip with this eye makeup. Let’s get started,

IMG_3759 - Copy IMG_3761 - Copy


Step # 1

I used “Strange” from Urban decay naked 3 palette to highlight my browbone. since I am gonna use a glittery shadow for this makeup look. It is better to use a matte highlight for browbone. And also the crease color that I am gonna use has a little bit of shimmer. I used Naked 3 brush to apply my browbone highlight.


Step # 2

After that I used Maybelline color tattoo in “on and on bronze” all over my lids. As a base for the eyeshadow, to make it more opaque and also the shadow I am gonna use is glittery so it sticks better on a primer, or eyeshadow base. You do not need to be very precise with this, just apply it all over your lids. I personally find the paint pots and color tattoo kind of products work the best when you apply them with your finger.


Step # 3

Now is the time to add definition in the crease of your eyes. And add some drama and depth to the look.I used “factory” eyeshadow. This shade is really pigmented and dark, so you really have to use a light hand. And keep building and blending slowly. Make sure to blend it as you go towards the browbone. So it will also act as a transition shadow.


urbandecaynaked3- factory

Step # 4

          To define the crease even more, and give it more drama I added “black heart eyeshadow” in the socket of the eyes. With a very light hand and swiped the brush in the socket of the eyes very precisely, and made this shadow more noticeable in the crease, then blended it with “factory” as it went towards the browbone. 


urbandecaynaked3- factory


Step # 5

Now is time to add a lid shadow. I used a beautiful glittery eyeshadow over maybelline color tattoo. It reflects light and give a really “professionally done” makeup look. Since this makeup look is about special occasions, you do want your makeup to look well done. “Trick” from urban decay naked 3 palette is a beautiful broze-gold glitter shadow. And this is actually the star of this look. You do need to be a little careful with this shadow, because it does have a little bit of fall out, which can ruin your makeup. Either put a tissue on your under-eye area while applying this shadow, or use a patting motion and light hand while applying this shadow, which I did. Plus I blended “Factory” on the outer end of the lower lash line, and in the inner corners I used “Trick” and blended them both together. As you can see in the picture.



Step # 6

Lastly I applied a thin and elongated winged eyeliner. The Eyeliner has to be super sharp, and pointed. Since it is pretty elongated and exaggerated wing, you do not want a thick line, it will just look messy and over done, and it will also take away from all the work you did on the eyelids. So make sure, it is a thin and long wing. Plus I made sure to keep it suuuuuuuuuuper thin in the inner corners of the eyes, to get more almond shaped eyes effect.




Lip Options:

Estee Lauder: Disirable (pink lipstick)

                Maybelline: Lady red (red lipstick)


IMG_3769 IMG_3768 IMG_3765 IMG_3760

Have fun with your makeup looks.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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