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Soft Pink Makeup look

Soft pink makeup look:

As the name of this look suggests, it is a very subtle and soft pink makeup look. I went for a super smoked out winged eyeliner and pink eyeshadow and lipstick. But to balance the look I added few more neutral shades. So, the pink shades in this look are not over-empowering. I used original naked palette and Naked 2 palette to create this look. This look is perfect for any occasion. If you are not sure what makeup to wear go for this one. It is a beautiful makeup look, which will look great with any outfit, on any occasion. You can’t be over-done with this one. It actually enhances your features, and bring out your natural beauty. This makeup look is very, veryyyy easy to create. It literally took me 10 mins to create this look. It is quick and beautiful. You do not have to use same eyeshadows, anything that looks similar to them would work and you can use all the products of your choice. Following are the step by step pictures to help your understand this makeup look better,





Step # 1


bootycalltoasted udblack out

I totally forgot to take pictures of first two steps, the first one is highlighting your browbone, I used “bootycall” from urban decay naked 2 palette to highlight my browbone, which a little shimmery vanilla shade, 8 out of 10 times I use the same shade to highlight my browbone. After that I applied “toasted” from the original naked palette, which is a pinky shade, to the inner half of my eyelids and “black out” at the outer third of my eyes and I made sure I kept a subtle cat eye shape. In the middle of the lids I blended “toasted” and “blackout” together, to create a beautiful gradient. From toasted to black out. I think step by step pictures really help to understand any makeup look. As you can see the placement of eyeshadows on the lid, try and create somewhat a similar look if not the same.

Step #2

IMG_5406naked 1

After that I added “naked” from the naked palette and blended it out above my crease, I didn’t apply any shadow in my crease. Naked is a very light-brown-ish shade. It really helps to create a super blended out effect. I still kept the subtle cat eye shape.

Step #3




For the lower lashline. I used “pistol” from the naked 2 palette and in the inner corners I again used bootycall and blended these shadows together. I wanted to use a very subtle eyeshadow on the lower lashline and I think pistol went best for this makeup look.

Step #4




The most important step of this look. Smoked out winged eyeliner. I am lately very much into subtle looks. And I have mentioned before I am taking a break from strong and dark winged eyeliner. This is a perfect balance for me atm. I used Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil to make a perfect smoked out winged eyeliner. I applied a very thin line close to my lashline with the pencil and smoked it out with sephora dual ended brush. It does look a little intimidating but this is the easiest way to create a winged look.

Step # 5

After that I used the same pencil in the inner rims of the eyes. You can use any black pencil or kajal that works for you. And to finish this eye makeup look I coated on the mascara. Because no look would be complete without mascara. And this eye makeup look is done.



I went for very, veryyyy light shade of pink for lips. Even though the eyes are light and subtle too. I think the whole point of this look was to create a very beautiful subtle look and enhance the features. I used a combination of lipstick and lip gloss.

Lipstick: Maybelline ” Tantalizing taupe ”

Lip gloss: Estee lauder shimmer gloss ” Pink innocence ”



I hope you learned something from this post. Have fun.

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.

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