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Soft everyday kinda makeup look

Soft everyday kinda makeup look

I know 8 out of 10 times I go for neutral makeup looks.  I go bold every now and then, but for the most part the makeup I wear is very wearable for almost all casual and special occasions. I think neutral makeup, looks chic and it doesn’t take away from your personality. As much As I love bold makeup, and I would wear it whenever and where ever I want, I still feel like subtle and neutral looks have a certain type of effortlessness and chicness, which is timeless. I don’t think I would ever get bored of neutral makeup looks. This look is no exception another subtle and neutral look. I think it looks very chic and classy, at the same time it’s not boring, and has some drama to it. I like it when I wear the makeup, not when my makeup wears me, and I feel like bold makeup looks do the talking on your part. I have used eyeshadows with green undertones to them. They are not usual golds. Both the eyeshadows I used have shimmer in them, but it is not over empowering at all. And I feel like once you blend it out right, it is not noticeable and doesn’t make your eyes look too shimmery, and still give a little bit sparkle to your eyes. The best part about this look is you can pair it up with any lip shade. Any dark, light, or bright shade would work with this look. I have used a pretty bright and candy like shade, which you might have seen in my last haul blog. Like all the other looks I have done, this one is also super easy and quick, and you can not mess it up. I mean who has time now a days to mess up, re-do, and repeat, their makeup. Also another reason I opt for easy and quick makeup looks is because I am a mom and I do not have too much time to spend on my makeup, any makeup look that would make me look sane and pulled together would work for me. Yes, I would put a little bit extra effort on special occasions and stuff but even then I go for neutral, realistic and more subtle looks, because they are just timeless. Anyway now let’s see how I have got that look,

IMG_7289IMG_7008 IMG_7009 IMG_7010

Step # 1

Since I am using shimmery eyeshadows for this look, I went for a matte highlight, I personally like a little shiny eyeshadows for highlighting my browbone because I think they reflect the light beautifully, but at the same time when I am using shimmer for both lid and crease shadows, and also shadows under the eyes and inner corner, that’s a lot of shimmer, just to make sure I don’t over do it, and balance it out, it’s good to use a matte highlight. I used “foxy” from urban decay naked 2 palette to highlight my browbone and while I was doing that, I went in with a matte eyeshadow called “buck” from original naked palette and swiped it close to my lower lash line as well. It is going to help in blending the shimmery eyeshadow I will later apply on the lower lashline and also give a pretty well blended effect on the lower lash line. Also it will make sure the look stays subtle and soft, since the shadow i will be applying is going to be a little dark.


Step # 2

On the lids I used a greenish gold shade from the original naked palette called “Smog” and swiped it all around my lids, I like how this eyeshadow has a green undertones, sometimes you just don’t want to have obnoxious gold on your lids, sometimes you just need a little bit of shimmer in that gold family, for subtle and soft looks, this eyeshadow is perfect for that. It has gold and green hues, which look beautiful when it reflects light. And at the same time it’s not straight up gold shimmery eyeshadow. After that I added “darkhorse” from the same palette, it is right next to “smog”. This shadow is from the same color family, but darker. I applied it in the crease and blended it out.

IMG_6593Step #3

Once I have blended out “darkhorse” well in the crease, I connected it with the lower lash line. I applied it really close to half of my lowerlash line and blended it out with “buck” that I applied before. It balanced out and connected the whole look together.

IMG_6592Step #4

After that I have applied a smoked out winged eyeliner. Since I wanted to keep this look very soft and subtle, I went for a smoked out winged eyeliner. I used Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in perversion to apply a very think line and created a smoked out winged eyeliner. Plus I made sure I do not bring the eyeliner in the inner corners of my eyes. I left the inner thirds of my eyelids and just blended it out in the outer part.

IMG_6595Step #5

After that I rimmed the inner lashline with black eye pencil and also used “halfbaked” eyeshadow from original naked palette in the inner corners of my eyes. And blended it out on the upper and lower lashline to create a very subtle transition instead of disconnected eyeliner and lowerlash line.

IMG_6600Step #6

Then added few coats of mascara to finish the eye makeup. Because no makeup look would be complete without it. Mascara makes a world of a difference for any makeup look.


  I have recently bought this lipstick and I found it to be the perfect match for this makeup look. It is a really bright shade of pink but it is nothing too dramatic. It is very wearable and I loved how it went with this makeup look. Just to let you know I am pretty impressed with these essence lipsticks, Essence is a suuuuuper affordable brand, and the lipstick was great, it was creamy, it was opaque, it glided on my lips, didn’t exaggerate any lines and patches, didn’t need any gloss on top, plus it wore well through out the day, and it does not have any funky smell, like the other essence lipsticks used to have. The one I used for this look is called ” 13 Love me”.


IMG_7325 IMG_7326 IMG_7327 IMG_7329

Random fact: My eyes are super sensitive to sun and wind, and I have pollen allergy so excuse that. There’s a reason I own so many pairs of sunglasses, well not really I like sunglasses, but I also have an excuse to buy ‘em HAHA !

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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  1. Lipstick shade is really gorgeous i liked it and the overall look ❤️I want u do a blog on how to fill in the eyebrows

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