Zunaira Sulman trendy makeup look soft cut crease

Soft Cut crease Makeup look

Soft Cut crease Makeup look

A makeup look that is super on trend at the moment. I personally really love a cut crease look. But to make it more day appropriate and subtle, a soft cut crease is perfect. I have paired it with a super trendy lip shade as well. This look is not for everybody. Although it is super soft and subtle, it still makes a statement. Not everybody can rock a look like that. It is warm and neutral but totally on trend. I think it is worth giving a try. Plus it takes literally 5 minutes to create this makeup look. 



Step #1

I wanted a really really highlighted brow bone for this look. So I used a highlighting pencil to highlight my brow bone and set it with a pale eyeshadow. Right now it does look a little too highlighted but once the eye makeup is done it will look absolutely fine.

IMG_2479 Step #2

         After that I blended a light brown shadow with a very very light-hand, above the crease, it is so subtle that it hardly shows up in the picture. This base will help to neutralize the peach and orange eyeshadows I will be applying later.

IMG_2490Step #3

Once I laid the base for the shadows, now it is time to start building and layering the shadows. I added a warm toned brown in the crease. I didn’t blend it too much. After that I added a nude eye pencil in the water line. And black eye pencil in the tight line.

IMG_2494Step #4

The most important step, is to create a cut crease effect. Since, this look is about subtle cut crease, I didn’t make it too sharp and precise, just enough to be noticeable. And flicked it outwards, instead of rounding it out, As you can see in the picture. I used a dark brownish purple eyeshadow for this step. After I created a soft cut crease effect, I blended the brown eyeshadows above the crease with an orange shadow.

IMG_2502Step #5

I wanted to add a little peachy pink hue to the look. Since I was going for very matte and dull eyeshadows. And also the lip shade I was going for was very nude. So I blended a peachy pink eyeshadow with the orange eyeshadow and the brown eyeshadows above the crease.However It will get in to the fold of the crease when you look straight, so there will be just a light hue of color, without changing the neutral look. After that I added a shimmery champagne eyeshade on the lids. And sharpened the outer flick with purple crease shadow. Lastly few coats of mascara and the eye make up is done.


I used Nyx Retractable Water Proof Cruelty free lip pencil in “Nude”. I absolutely love this shade. I have repurchased this lip product, a couple of times, and i will repurchase it again when I run out of it, I love it that much. Since it is a lip pencil. I didn’t want to be my lips dry, chapped and weird looking. So I applied a clear lip balm first and let it soak into my lips and then applied the lip pencil, and reapplied the lip balm. You can do this with any lip pencil and it will work as a long lasting matte lipstick. A great tip. Works amazing. Try it out. Anyway, I absolutely love the way this look turned out.



If you do end up trying this look out, definitely share it with me, since I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, would love to see whoever tries it out.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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