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Smoke it out

Smoke it out:

As the name suggests, this makeup look is very smoked out and sultry. It will look really intimidating until it is completely done. I think this look is perfect for night outs, ethnic weddings, and anywhere where you would like to wear a little heavier makeup. This look is not at all difficult to create. I have done a similar one before on my blog, but it was a more subtle and basic version of this kind of makeup look with blacks and golds. Whereas this one is suuuuper smoked out, with heavy blending and heavy smoked out lower lashline. I think statement, big earrings or a nice head piece would look amazing with this kind of makeup look.


Step #1

It is a lot of work for a first step. But all I did was used a suuuper dark brown eyeshadow, that almost looks like blackish brown, and applied it in the inner and outer thirds of my eyes, and blended it really well, in the crease and also brought it almost to the brow bone. No need to freak out, in the end you will see how I blend out the whole look and create a well blended gradient effect. I used “kinky” from UD smoked palette to create this first step. You do not need to be precise at all, but, just make sure you leave the center of the lid empty, because in the end we are going to put another shadow, and give that halo kinda effect. And for the lashline I swiped the brush close to it, and created a smokey effect, which I am going to top up with another shadow in next step.


Step #2

Now to add more dimension to the look, I used a lighter brown matte eyeshadow above the crease and blended it with “kinky”. These both eyeshadows mixed together, created a really interesting and pretty detail to the look. You always wanna make sure with a look like this, that it’s not super plain, there should be some dimension and interest. Or at least that’s how I like it. I used Buck from UD original naked palette and also swiped it on the lower lashline and really smoked it out.

IMG_8967Step # 3

Now is the time to create that smoked out effect. I used a peachy vanilla-ish shade, over the crease to create a smoked out effect. The eyeshadow I used is called “freestyle” from UD smoked palette, it really helped to create a well blended look. Otherwise this was going to look very unblended and harsh.


Step #4

Now in the middle of the lid, I applied a peachy peachy pink shimmery eyeshadow. I know it doesn’t look peachy pink in the picture, but that is because of the lighting, it was very gloomy that day and in yellow lighting the eyeshadow looked more pinky gold rather than peachy pink, but oh well you can use any shimmery eyeshadow of your desire, whether it be gold or peach, both work great. And also I highlighted my brown bone with a vanilla eyeshadow with a little shimmer in it. I used “bootycall” from UD naked 2 palette.


Step # 5

After that I made sure the look is well blended, and swiped the brush over the crease and lower lashline to really smoke the look out. And redid the browbone highlight. To make it more dramatic. And applied a winged eyeliner. This look would not be complete without a winged eyeliner. After that I rimmed the lashline with black pencil and coated on the mascara to finish off this look.



On my lips, I went for a current favorite, nude lipstick from Estee Lauder called “Desirable” which is a pale pinky nude, It went perfectly with this look, and I have been reaching for this lipstick a lot lately. If you want this look to be suuuuper dramatic you can definitely go with a little darker lip shade.

IMG_9552 IMG_9556 IMG_9557

Give this one a try, it is not as hard as it might look.Β 

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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