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Simple yet sassy – Makeup look

Simple yet sassy – Makeup look

Okay, If I be honest I did not know what I was gonna do with my makeup. But I love the way it turned out. In fact I am going to be wearing this look a lot in spring/summer. I think any lip color would look great with this one. This look is sooo simple yet so sassy. I think it is mysterious and bold but not dramatic and statement. I don’t know how to explain it. That’s the best I could. You can see for yourself. This is the kind of makeup look you can totally wear in the day time and it is absolutely perfect for night events as well. I basically wanted to try out the new single eyeshadow I bought from essence called “#18 all you need”. So I started with that, and ended up creating this look. It literally took less than 10 minutes, there is no winged eyeliner, it is simple, it is easy, it is quick. What’s not to love about it. Anybody can create this makeup look, I think it’s always the eyeliner that messes up the look. As the weather is changing I am not in to eyeliner. Yeah every now and then I would wear it, but I don’t know I am at this phase where eyeliner, specially winged out eyeliner doesn’t attract me, I am more in to soft and smoked out looks, but obviously I have split personality syndrome, don’t be shocked seeing me wearing dark brown lipstick and winged out eyeliner in the mid of July(lol). Well, I don’t have split personality syndrome it was a joke, in case you didn’t get it. I just am very moody when it comes to my makeup. Anyway, about this look, let’s get started,


Step #1

This is the eyeshadow I wanted to use. It a beautiful champagne shimmery shadow. It looks silver, it looks gold, depending on the lighting, it is a beautiful champagne eyeshadow, which reflects light. It has a little bit of shimmer in it, but I love how it is not so noticeable when you put it on the lids. This shadow is surprisingly pretty velvety. Anyhow I applied it on my lids and left the outer V part bare.


IMG_9928Step #2

After that to create some depth and definition in the crease, I applied “buck” from urban decay naked palette, which is a chocolaty matte brown eyeshadow, and I blended it well, I brought it higher than I usually apply, as you can see in the picture. I blended it almost till the brow bone, but I will blend it in the end when I apply the brow bone highlight.


Step #3

 Then to add more drama to the look, I applied really really dark matte brown eyeshadow in the out V and kept the subtle cat eye shape. And blended it in the crease as well. I used “kinky” from UD smoked palette. Idk if you can tell or not, but I really like UD eyeshadow(lol). If you follow my blog you would definitely know that. I mostly use UD eye shadows. But now I am forcing myself to try out some other eyeshadows as well, which are more affordable and are good quality.

IMG_9932Step #4

Now to intensify the look even further, I went with a matte black eyeshadow and very precisely applied it in the outer V, and also brought it in the middle of the lid. You will notice that while doing these steps you will lose the opacity of the champagne eyeshadow you applied on the lids, which is absolutely alright, I also reapplied it in the end. Once you are done intensifying the look with black eyeshadow, use the same brush on the lower lash line, and smoke it out, connecting with the outer V on the lids.

IMG_9934Step #5

Now I just reapplied “all you need” on the lids and blended it just a tiny bit with the black eyeshadow, I do not want harsh line in between the eyeshadows, but at the same time I do not want to create a super blended gradient of colors either, I want the transition to be noticeable. After that rimmed the inner lash line with a black kohl pencil. Any black eye pencil would work fine. I know it’s hard to tell int he picture, because I blended it out, I applied a black eye pencil in the outer third of the upper lashline and smoked it out. And to finish off the look I applied a couple of coats of mascara. And that it.



Since the eye makeup is so pretty, or at least I think so(lol). I wanted the eyes to be the focus and went for a subtle pink lips. I am sooo into matte lips at the moment. I used a SLEEK MATTE ME lip cream in “Petal”. I will review sleek MATTE ME lip products on my blog in the future, elaborating pros and cons, of them. So, if you are interested in buying them, wait until I post the review and then decide for yourself. Anyway. That’s all I did to create this makeup look.



I hope you loved this makeup look, as much as I did. I  am absolutely going to wear this makeup look quite often. Make sure to share your pictures if you do end up trying it out. And thanks to everyone who sent me their recreations of the makeup looks I shared on my blog. It was fun to see them.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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