silver eye makeup zunaira sulman

Silver Eye makeup

Silver Eye makeup

Silver is such a cool toned color, a lot of people seem to think that silver eye makeup does not look very flattering on them, especially people with brown skin. There is this theory/makeup rules that cool tones on warm toned skin do not look good. I don’t believe that, I think you can make all the colors work for you if you wear them the right way. I personally really like silver eyeshadows, and I’ve warm toned skin. In fact silver and black smokey eyes are one of my favorite makeup looks. Anyway, long story short, anybody can rock a silver eye makeup. The one I created is suuuper metallicy and glittery. You can tone it down a bit or do as sparkly as I did. I went for a cut crease look, instead of plain smokey eyes and I used a navy blue eyeshadow for that, which is also a cool toned eyeshadow. And it all went well together. I always try and post achievable and easy makeup looks, but it is nice to go for something more dramatic every now or then or for special occasions. I wore this makeup on Mother’s day and loved the way it turned out.



Step #1

I applied a brown eyeshadow in the crease,and blended it towards the brow bone before applying a Silver shimmery eyeshadow. After that I used “Evolt” from Urban decay naked 2 palette, which is a silver pressed pigment. It is super opaque and shimmery, applied it all over the lids, carving out the crease and yes it looks super harsh right now, but in the end it will all tie together nicely. It is that kind of makeup look, which looks like an absolute disaster until it’s done.


Step #2

I have mentioned in previous makeup pictorials that I have a pretty deep fold in the crease, so even when I go for a cut crease look, I don’t draw a super sharp cut crease effect, because if it’s too thin, it will disappear in the fold of my crease completely. I used a navy blue eyeshadow from the Sleek cosmetics all matte palette and applied it in the crease,as you can see in the picture. And used the same eyeshadow on the lower lash line and blended it out.


Step #3

Now the difficult part of this makeup look is done. Applied a nude eye pencil on the water line and black on the tight line, winged eyeliner, and few coats of mascara and this eye makeup look is done.


For lips I used Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick called “desirable” which is a pale pink cool toned lipstick. Since the eyes are so dramatic I want all the focus to stay on the eyes instead of both eyes and lips. That would be just too much, for me, if you can handle any other bold color, go ahead and choose a lip color of your choice.


IMG_7411 IMG_7410 IMG_7394 IMG_7399

I absolutely love how different and unusual this makeup look is. Silver pressed pigment is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you liked this makeup look as much as I did.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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