How to : Shopping Tips !

How to : Shopping tips :

Now we all know, that 90% of the people love shopping. And whatever budget you have shopping is your retail therapy. So in this post I’m gonna share with you few tips that will help you no matter what budget you have, to get the most use out of what you buy and what to buy that is not gonna sit in your closet for no reason, forever;




Tip # 1 :

It’s important to know what colors and styles look the best on you, or which style makes you the most confident, or which dress type flatters your body shape the most. If you know these basics you have done the most part of shopping.


Tip # 2 :

You have to LOVE what you are buying. A lot of the times, you buy thinking yeah this is nice, i will find a way to wear it. And then it sit in your closet, you see it and keep delaying to experiment with it, because in this day and age nobody has got time to spend on a piece trying to figure out how to wear it.


Tip # 3:

It’s OKAY to stick with your still. You don’t have to wear trendy stuff and experiment with your look all the time. If you know your style and you love it. It makes you confident and happy then stick with your style. You don’t have to experiment with it all the time. Once in a while go a head do it, which brings me to my next tip;


Tip # 4:

Try Try Try ! yes… Try everything you are buying. A lot of the times, what you imagine the piece to look like on you, doesn’t looks the same. So use the try rooms, take your time, take pictures see, how it looks on your body, is it how you imagined it or it doesn’t look the way you want it to. It will help to ensure the fact that you are getting only the things that are not going to be wasted. If you are not willing to try them onΒ  in malls, take them home, and don’t take the tags of, keep the receipts, try them and if you don’t like them bring them back, know the returning or exchanging policy of the place you are buying from. But it’s just a big hustle.


Tip # 5:

If you are on budget, or you are just not willing to spend a lot on shopping but you do enjoy it. Buy stuff off season. YES !! let’s say, we are heading toward autumn/winter. And all the summer clothes are on sale. Buy them for the next season. Or the other way around.


Tip # 6 :

Go for shopping alone. Yeah it does make a lot of difference. Take your time and go for shopping alone if you can. If you are thinking of taking your bf/gf or friend with you than don’t. A lot of people suggest that take a friend a long for opinion. No i find that when you take your friend with you, you’re more attracted toward doing fun shopping than getting what you actually want. However if you are going for fun shopping do it. If not Go Alone, take your time. Try everything on and decide by yourself what makes you feel better about yourself the most.


Tip # 7 :

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the stock there is in the store. When you first enter the store and you see so many clothes. You kinda get overwhelmed as for what to buy and where to start. Just stick with your style. Try the colors you are sure looks nice on you. And if you are looking for experimenting with new style. Take your time in trying room.


These are few tips to make your shopping experience easier and help you buy things that you are actually gonna get use out of.

I hope you find it helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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