Shimmery eyes for holidays

Shimmery eyes for holidays:

It’s about that time of the year, when every girl goes bold and playful with her makeup. All the festivities around this time, halloween,thanksgiving, christmas, new year,call for fancy makeup and clothing. It is my favorite time of the year. Although I love summer, nothing beats the winter holidays and festivities. However, It literally costs an arm and a leg to buy presents, clothes, accessories, makeup,decorations etc etc. But every girl deserves a shimmery dramatic eye makeup specially on a new year’s eve. I have always loved NYX cosmetics for being fairly good quality yet affordable. The other day I was going through  nyx stand, and I found out Nyx Roll on shimmer. It was wayyyyy cheaper than other higher-end pigments.Yet it looked great. I have used quite a few Lorac and Mac pigments. Although Nyx roll on shimmer is a little chunkier, but it is not cheap looking or uncomfortable.


Nyx Roll on Shimmer:

It has really wide variety of shades. And you can use these roll ons on your face and body as well, however I do not see myself using them for my body or face. And I do not recommend using it for face, because the shimmer is a little too chunky for face, which will look weird unless you are going for that look. However, you can pull it off on your legs and collar bone or decollete, by rubbing in with moisturizer. These roll ons are really easy to use, totally mess-free, which is a big plus for a clumsy person like myself, and also since they have a setting liquid in them, you do not have to use anything like Mac fix plus or setting sprays. Although using a setting spray would be a good idea, if you are planning on wearing the look all night long.

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