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Shades of Orange

Shades of Orange

It is no secret that I love orange lippies. And by Shades of Orange I mean my favorite five Orange lipsticks. There is a shade of orange that fits in every time of the year, every season, every makeup look and every occasion. Orange color is very versatile, although I am not a big fan of orange clothing, it doesn’t change the fact, that it is a pretty popular color. I find that Orange lips give a very young and fresh vibe. It has that hip element to it, which is kind of chic but carefree at the same time. I know what I am trying to say in my mind, but I don’t know if I make any sense to you. But oh well, I better share my favorite five Orange lippies, I am sharing top 5 and in the end I will mention top 3, because I think 3 is more accurate when it comes to really liking a product. with 5 you have wayy too many options,

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Numero Uno

The first lipstick has to be “MAC MORANGE”, I absolutely love this lipstick. It is pretty popular and looks great on all skin tones. It is from MAC’s amplified range and this is the only orange lipstick that I have repurchased, and I still love it. At first this lip color can be pretty intimidating, especially if you are not someone who likes to wear bright or bold lips, but I think it is a gorgeous shade, and within a couple of uses you get used to it.

Numero Dos

Sleek Lipsticks are so amazing, especially for the price. They are an absolute “Steal”. They totally match up to MAC level and are pretty affordable. The next orange lipstick that I really really love is Sleek True Color lipstick Called “Peaches and Cream # 774 (Sheen) “. I think it is a great starter color for orange lipsticks. If you have never worn orange lipsticks, they intimidate you, but youΒ  really wanna try an orange lip I think this one is the one. I don’t think it will look good on all skin tones, but most of them. It is so so so comfortable to wear and that’s what I love the most about it. You almost forget you have lipstick on.

Numero Tres

Well I was pretty hesitant to share this one. Because if you are a makeup enthusiast you will know the whole “Lime crime security breach” and all the other scandals. So, I was thinking to skip this one. I do not encourage anyone to buy from their website, even though they say it is safe now, but still a lot of people are complaining about their data and money stolen. I do like the lipsticks, and the shade is pretty unique, the formula is good too, but it is not worth the damage it can cause.

Numero Cuatro

I have talked about this lip product, a couple of times before on my blog. And this one is also a good option to start with, if you can’t get your hands on Sleek cosmetics, because I believe you can only purchase it in the UK or order it online and they do ship internationally. I absolutely love ASTOR matte style lip lacquer in ” 205 All about style”. It gives a semi matte look, and it is so, so, soooo comfortable to wear. With matte lips being all the hype at the moment, with long lasting liquid lipsticks, you lips do get super dry and chapped, if you want to dip your toe just a little in the whole matte liquid lipsticks trend ATM, you can go with this one. It is orange, but I love the fact how muted it is. It is not bright, in your face orange. It is super muted but equally pretty.

Numero Cinco

A Sleek Cosmetics Lipstick again. “Papaya punch 782 Matte” It is a bright bright orange lipstick,but it has pink undertones. It definitely is more pinky orange, beautiful and appropriate for spring and coming summer. I am all set with my lippies. Because I love to wear orange lip colors especially in spring and summer.

My top 3 picks would be MAC Morange , Sleek peaches and cream,and Astor Matte style lip lacquer. If you have any favorite orange lip product, do share it with me.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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