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Retro Red Makeup Look (Valentine’s Special)

Retro Red Makeup look:

                     Here comes another makeup look. Every woman should have a red lipstick that compliments her skin tone, and makes her feel sassy.Because let me tell you, there is nothing that will make you feel as confident as perfect red lip does. A pair of high-heels and a perfect red lip, major killer combo. This makeup look is very easy to create, like all the others I shared, and again I used  only one palette to create this look. There are so many looks that you can create with one palette.

IMG_2880 - Copy






I used “foxy” from Urban decay Naked 2 palette, as a matte highlight. You can use any matte vanilla-ish shade to highlight your brow bone. Very simple and clean. I used Naked2 brush for that.

IMG_2626naked 2



For crease I used Black out and winged it out just a bit. You don’t have to be very precise with this. Just make sure you don’t blend black out on the lid. It’s a very softtttt cut-crease look. You don’t have to wing the shadow out, I just did it to have an idea of where I want my eyeliner to wing out, and join the black out and eyeliner wing together to tie the look together. You will see in next steps how it is done. And I used Sephora dual ended brush, for this step.

IMG_2628 IMG_2631IMG_2317


Transition Color:

I used Snake-bite, from Urban decay naked 2 palette to blend Black out, but I did not blend it a lot, I want the crease shadows to be a little intense, as compare to super blended out effect. And I used Real techniques deluxe crease brush to do that.


IMG_2316snake bite


I applied the same shadow , I used to highlight the brow bone. Foxy, that matte vanilla shade. And I made sure I just softly blend it with black out, without blending out the soft crease.  As you will see in the picture. And I used Naked 2 brush to do that.



naked 2

Winged Eyeliner:

Last step is to apply winged eyeliner, since It is a retro red makeup look, the eyeliner is supposed to be thick. You can do whatever you prefer, thin line or light wing, I prefer a really heavy winged eyeliner for this look. I used Sephora Smart Pen Eyeliner.



I personally don’t like to wear false lashes. If you do, then they’ll look fabulous with this look. I just applied few coats of mascara. I used Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous extreme mascara, and Maybelline go colossal exteme mascara.





To finish the whole retro red makeup look. I actually used a little modern shade of red. It is a bright red, instead of blood/dark red. I just wanted to keep this look a little bit soft, while keeping the retro effect. Cover Girl’s Hot passion is the one I used. with Real techniques Detailer brush.







Well, I was feeding my daughter when I took these selfies, just in case the reflection on the oven caught your eye. HAHA! Have fun with this look. It is super easy and quick, and it looks very chic and classy.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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