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Pretty and Polished in 5 Minutes | Makeup tips for busy moms

Pretty and Polished in 5 Minutes | Makeup tips for busy moms

Once you become a Mom, your priorities change for good, but it doesn’t mean you should rub your name off from the list. Of course things are different, of course you don’t have a lot of time to spend on yourself. 5 minutes !! That’s all you need. In today’s blog post I’m sharing the best of the best makeup tips for all the busy moms, that’re gonna make you feel so much more confident and polished. 

Go Heavy or Go Home? NO !

Less is more. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, you need to know, little goes a long way. Less but more polished is the way to go. Obviously you’re on a time crunch, exaggerated winged eyeliner and vampy lips are not goals. The goal is to look awake, fresh, attentive and NOT TIRED !

Mini Mommy Makeup Bag

Be organized. A little makeup bag, with your bare necessities is going to save you so much time and energy. I love makeup, so I have quite a few makeup products, which makes it a lot more confusing and overwhelming when you’re on a time crunch. Always keep a mini makeup bag just with the products to create a very minimal, natural and fresh looking face. Having everything in one place is going so save you so much time, no confusion, and you can bring that bag anywhere with you. There’re times when I just have to leave the house. I just grab my mini makeup bag, and do little magic touch ups in the car, while my little one sits in her car seat and my husband drives the car(pfff). Everyone’s happy Haha! But be careful you don’t wanna stab your eyeball with the mascara wand, Red traffic signal is an opportunity to get them lashes. 

makeup tips for busy moms

Transparent/Clear Makeup Bag

Believe it or not having a see through makeup bag makes the process so much more quicker. You don’t have to find stuff in the bag, you can just see it and grab it, that makes sense right? I don’t have to explain it ? Great ! So, Transparent/Clear/See-through makeup bag is a better option.

makeup tips for busy moms

makeup tips for busy moms

Even out the complexion 

Well don’t bother going for a full-coverage foundation, or if it’s your thing, sure go ahead. But I think the goal is to even out the complexion. Use powder foundation or cushion foundation, both are super portable and mess-free. If you have heavy acne scaring feel free to add the concealer where it’s needed. Is it just me or carrying a liquid foundation bottle just screams “mess” to me ?

- Lancome Miracle Cushion

makeup tips for busy moms

50 shades of Dark Circles under the eyes

Well, dark circles come in a package deal with being a mom. Thank God for under eye concealers. Of course you don’t sleep well, and of course you’re tired and your eye area shows it all. Use a good under eye concealer to brighten up the eye area.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer

makeup tips for busy moms

Seal it after you Conceal it

Never Ever forget to use a setting powder to set the concealer and base, especially concealer, otherwise it’ll set into fine lines and it’s not going to look pretty. 

- Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

makeup tips for busy moms

Brow Perfect

Brows frame the face, we all know how hyped up brows are. I don’t need to add to the hype. A tinted brow gel is great to add a little bit of color, while keeping the brows in place all day.

- Maybelline Brown Drama Tinted Brow Gel

makeup tips for busy moms

Bring your face back to life

Adding a little bit of pinky blush to the cheeks really makes you look fresh and youthful. I like to use a blush with satin finish or with veryyyyyy finely milled glitter. It not only adds a healthy glow to your skin but also you don’t need to use a separate highlighter.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

makeup tips for busy moms

Contour Power

Don’t skip contouring. Just because you’re going for a minimal makeup look, doesn’t mean you miss the important steps. I don’t know about other people but when I don’t get enough sleep, which is basically every night, my face puffs up. I kid you not, my face is always puffy, in fact when my face is not puffy I feel like a different person(lol). Always add a subtle contour.

Sleek Contour and Highlight Kit

makeup tips for busy moms

Less Eye makeup with more Impact

I don’t wear eyeshadows when I go for natural looks like that, but I think adding a matte brown eyeshadow just in the crease, helps to make your eyes look bigger. Nude eye pencil is your best friend. Tightlining with a black eye pencil is optional but it makes a huuuge difference, if you read my post on “10 ways to make your eyes look bigger” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

- Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

- Guylond Eyeshadow Quad (alternative L’Oreal or Cover Girl Eyeshadow Quads)

- Catrice Made to Stay Eyepencil, Nude

- Urban decay Glide on 24/7 Eye pencil Perversion

makeup tips for busy moms

makeup tips for busy moms makeup tips for busy moms

Perfect Pink Pout

Finish of the look with a very natural pink lipstick. Pink lips instantly make you look healthy, and fresh. Also I like to keep a lip balm in my makeup bag.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick #378 Velvet Rose

Lip balm

makeup tips for busy moms makeup tips for busy moms

Throw a mini bottle of perfume in your makeup bag, added bonus.

makeup tips for busy moms

It literally takes 5 minutes. 

I hope you find this post helpful. Share it with all the mommies you know.

makeup tips for busy moms

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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