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Posie dream – Makeup look

Posie dream – Makeup look

Thanks “Zahra Raza” for suggesting the name for this makeup look. I could not come up with the name, So I asked on my facebook page for suggestions and I felt this one was super fitting and it sounded nice too (haha). I started this makeup look without having any idea what I wanted to do, and I ended up lovinggggg the way it turned out, and loving is an understatement. I love how it is intense without being dark. It has a very romantic, elegant and dreamy vibe. I have found a new nude-lip combo that I love. It has totally replaced my previous favorite combo. This eye makeup is not your usual silver smokey eye. It has way more detail and drama. I think I would be wearing this makeup look again. The best part about this look is that there is no winged eyeliner. It is absolutely fool-proof. There is no way you can mess up this makeup look, no matter how bad you are at doing your makeup. I just wanted to take a break from winged eyeliner. I wear winged eyeliner way too much and I like to take breaks from it every now and then. If you follow me on instagram you would know that I haven’t been wearing winged eyeliner from past couple of weeks and I go through these phases. Plus a winged eyeliner would take away from the subtleness and dreaminess of this makeup look, that’s what I feel like. But you can totally add a wing to this look if you like. Anyway, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I try to take pictures in every possible lighting, to show you how it would look in different lighting. White light, yellow light, natural light and this one got photographed really well, normally make up looks, do not photograph that well, since I use the front cam of my phone to take these pictures. I do not have time to whip out my professional camera and take pictures for every single blog post and then transfer those heavy pictures and upload them, it requires way too much time than I can spend. I do not compromise with my domestic life and responsibilities. And I think phone camera does the job just fine.Anyway It is always a plus if a makeup look photographs nicely.

Let’s get started,





Step #1

IMG_5002As you can see I haven’t done my brows and also I went straight in to lower lash line for this look. I did not know what I was gonna do. I just went with the flow and kept adding shades that I thought would look good. I knew I wanted something subtle but not super subtle, and I knew I did not want to add a winged eye liner. So for the lash line I used two eyeshadows, in the inner third of the eyes I used “EVOLT” from urban decay electric palette and applied few coats to make it opaque and really brighten up the inner corner. I used Real Techniques Accent brush to do it. After that I added “Black out” from urban decay naked 2 palette and blended it with EVOLT, I used sephora dual ended brush to do that. And also rimmed the inner lash line with urban decay  24/7 glide on pencil in perversion.

Step # 2

IMG_5003After that I applied “black out” from UD naked 2 palette on the lid, leaving the inner corners. Because I went for a slow transition from silver sparkle to matte black as I go out in the outter V.  I used Real Techniques Base Shadow brush to apply it. You do not have to be super precise with this look. In the end you are going to blend it out, but make sure you don’t go too far above the crease while blending black out. I do not blend while I take pictures, so the colors show up better in the picture, but as you can tell in the end everything is well blended and there are no harsh lines. So always make sure to blend eyeshadows really nicely unless you are going for a cut-crease or dramatic cat eye look.

Step #3

IMG_5005Now as I mentioned I wanted a slow transition from silver to silver sparkle all over my lid and then mattify it in the outer V. I applied “EVOLT” from electric palette with real techniques accent brush all over my lid, I used black as a base to intensify the look, and add more drama. As you can see in the picture, the silver pigment in pretty opaque in the inner corner. And as it goes outwards, it get less and less opaque.

Step #4

IMG_5008Now I decided to add “Slowburn” from Electric palette, and It came out so beautifully, it went a little pinkish over the area where I blended black out, and as it went up towards the brow it got more peachy. It added to the gradient of the look, without taking away from all the work we did on the lid. Slowburn is basically a orangey peachy shade, but blended over blackout it turned more pink toned, and then transitioned into peach. I think this step really brings out the subtleness and uniqueness of this look. It makes it more unexpected and special as compare to simple silver smokey eyes.

Step #5


          Now I added blackout in the outer V to intensify the look and make the transition go smoothly till the outer end of the eyes. And blended it ever so slightly while keeping the subtle cat eye shape at the outer ends. You can skip this step if you want very subtle look.

Step # 6

IMG_5017Then I added “Foxy” from UD naked 2 palette to highlight the brow-bone. And also blended everything well.

Step # 7

IMG_5015Lastly I added few coats of mascara, and this eye makeup look is done. If you wear false eyelashes this makeup look will look even prettier, I just prefer not to. And to anybody who is scared to ruin their makeup while applying a winged eyeliner, there is no winged eyeliner required for this look. But you can add a wing if you prefer, I was just not in the mood to wear winged eyeliner.

Nude Lips:

I have to say this has become my favorite combo. It has totally replaced my most favorite nude lip combo and I am pretty sure I am gonna wear it quite often from now on. It is so beautiful I am really obsessed with this combo atm. I used Nyx Nude retractable pencil and Estee lauder mauvey gloss. It has sparkle in it too, but it is not so noticeable on lips. But it does give a super glossy and pretty finish to your lips.

Nyx MPL10 Nude.

Estee Lauder 06 Magnificent Mauve, shimmer gloss.

zunaira sulman

zunaira sulman


zunaira sulman

If you do end up trying out this look, share your pics with me, either on Instagram or Facebook.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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