zunaira sulman pop of color makeup look

Pop of color

Pop of color

Adding really vibrant colors to your makeup look is always intimidating. Not everybody likes to wear super vibrant and colorful makeup looks. This is the most subtle way to add a pop of color in your makeup look. You can go with any color, purple, green, orange, or any color of your choice. And it will look just as amazing. It is a beautiful neutral eye look with a pop of color, but at the same time, if a “pop of color” is not your thing, add a brow shadow on the lower lash line and it is still a gorgeous brown smoket eye makeup look. You can totally customize it. This look is super suuuper easy and it does not take a lot of time to create it, even though it doesn’t look like that.

Zunaira Sulman eye makeup zunairasulman makeuplook

Step #1

I used a matte orange eyeshadow as a transition color, and defused it with a light brow shadow, so if you see in the picture carefully, you will see it is a gradient of “orange to light brown”. You can still see the orange but it is defused with the light brown eyeshadow. I just applied the matte orange eyeshadow first, and blended it just above the crease with a light brown eyeshadow.

IMG_2987Step #2

After that, to really blend it properly I added a slightly darker brown shade in the crease and blended it with the light brown. It will create such a beautiful transition of all the shades of brown in to orange. Since it basically is a brown smokey eye with a pop of color.

IMG_2988Step #3

On the lids I applied a slightly shimmery brown. All the shades from crease above are matte, a slight shimmery brown really stands out in all those eyeshadows. Make sure everything is blended well. There should be no lines and patches on the lids.

IMG_2991Step # 4

Now the fun part, I applied a turquoise eye pencil in the water line and smudged it on the lower lash line. The dark brown on the lids, really make this bright color pop, which I wanted. You can totally make it more subtle by using more natural/neutral eyeshadows. But I wanted the turquoise to really stand out. Since this look is surrounded around the turquoise eye pencil. Make sure to tight-line with a black eye pencil, meaning apply a black pencil on the rim of the upper lash line. So your eyeliner, lashes and tight line are connected.

IMG_2996Step # 5

After thatΒ  I applied a winged eyeliner. You can go with a subtle wing,as well. But I find that bold and thick wing makes this look very interesting. After that I applied a matte vanilla eyeshadow, which almost looks like white, on the brow bone and blended it with the orange. Blend BLend BLEND ! blending is the key. And then few coats of mascara. I am not a colored mascara kinda girl. Black or brown are my favorite, I would change up the look, once in a while, but I prefer a black mascara, or brown. Also by using a black mascara over the turquoise lash line really enhances the look. I absolutely love the way it turned out. If you like colored mascara go with a turquoise mascara. Once I was done with the eye makeup, I felt that this look could really use a inner corner highlight so I applied the highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten this look up a bit.


zunaira sulman pop of colorIMG_3666


I think orange lips looked absolutely amazing with this look, since it has orange hues in the eyes too, and I also shared in my previous blog ” My favorite eyeshadow and lipstick combinations” that I love the way blue and orange look together. And I also said that I will be doing a look showing that, this is a very subtle way of incorporating blues and oranges to the look, showing,Β  you really don’t have to go all out with the eyeshadows. Anyway I used “Peaches and Cream” lipstick from Sleek cosmetics. But I know not everyone likes to wear an orange lipstick. So I am also sharing another lip option. Which is a very beautiful pink and also goes well with this look. I mixed two lipsticks to create the lip shade I wanted. I mixed L’Oreal Velvet Rose with Sleek cosmetics “baby doll” the create a perfect shade. Velvet rose was a little too natural looking for this look, so I topped it up with a pale, actually palest pink. This pale pink lipstick, is not for my skin tone. It really would look bad on my skin tone if I wore it on it’s own. It will look amazing on realllly really pale skin tones. It works perfect to make other pink shades lighter.



IMG_3670 IMG_3704IMG_3672IMG_3688IMG_3689IMG_3690IMG_3686IMG_3629

I hope you found this look as pretty as I do. Also if you do end up creating this make up look don’t forget to share it with me. Loved looking at the pictures that you people send me.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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