peach eyemakeup

Peach Perfect Makeup

Peach Perfect Makeup

Peach is such a universal color. It looks great on all skin tones, from palest to tannest, peach color compliments everyone. This peach makeup look is perfect for any special occasion, especially Eid. It might take a little bit of practice, so you might wanna start practicing now and get your technique down. The look that I created, does look a little complicated but honestly it’s not that hard, just give it a go, if it doesn’t go well, just wipe it off, it’s just makeup.




Step #1

I used a light brown eyeshadow from Sephora Cube eyeshadows as a transition color and blended in above the crease towards the brows.

IMG_4706Step #2

Then I used a brick brown(a reddish brown) from Sleek Mattes palette and applied it in the crease and blended it with the transition shadow.

IMG_4708Step #3

On the lids I applied an orangey peach eyeshadow from Sephora cube.

IMG_4714Step #4

Then to create depth in the outer corner of the eyes, I used the darkest brown eyeshadow in Sephora Cube and applied it in the outer V of the eyes.

IMG_4718Step #5

Now comes the tricky part, you can totally skip it if you want. I used a Sephora liquid eyeliner to do this step.


Step #6

I then applied a generic winged eyeliner however I didn’t bring it in the inner corners of the eyes.


IMG_4723Step #7

After that I smudged the lower lash line using the dark brown and brick brown eyeshadows. And highlighted the inner corner with the highlighter.

IMG_4725Step #8

Lastly I applied black eye pencil in the water line and tight line. Don’t bring the black pencil all the way in to the inner corners. Few coats of mascara and this look is done.


For lips I used an Essence Lip pencil called Honey bun all over the lips, and applied Estee Lauder Pure color envy lipstick called Desirable on top.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.



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