Newborn Must haves

Newborn Must haves:

InΒ  first 0 – 3 months babies are the neediest they will ever be, and every new mom gets a little bit of anxiety over what a newborn baby needs and while they are in nesting mode they accumulate so much stuff that they don’t even get to use half of it in the end, but still they don’t feel ready for a newborn baby.In this blog I’m gonna share a check-list for expecting/newmoms, that is going to make this process easy for you and help you feel prepared and relaxed. Besides the obvious diapper,clothes,diapper rash creme/oil,milk,burp clothes,etc the things you are gonna need are;


#1 : Swaddle Blanket/Bag

Swaddle blankets are a must have for newborn babies. Most babies like being swaddled, since in the belly they are super tight and in confine space, and as they come in the world there’s nothing that is holding their arms and legs tight. Try swaddling them, most babies like being swaddled and it calms them and they sleep better.2swaddle dwellSwaddle-3

#2 Swing or Bouncy/Vibrating Chair

It is a must must have. When babies are born and their digestive system is still starting, they get gassy and colicky, they get very disturbed, their tummies get hard and it’s not a fun experience for either ofΒ  baby and parents. What swing or vibrating chair does is it helps them with their bowel movement hence, making sure they are not in pain and disturbed and also it makes them sleep better, because babies do not like sleeping on straight surface. If they have reflux and they are bubbling from the mouth swing or a vibrating chair is the way to go. I will also say that don’t look for extra fancy, super hyped and highly recommended swings and chairs, and spend a fortune, buy a reasonable one. It does not have to be the BEST ONE ! also Vibration chair is great to move around in the house and keep the baby near you and also when they move their little feel, it moves and babies really like it.

91KJI5ddZjL._SL1500_ baby-swing-500x617

#3 Baby bassinet or Co-sleeper:

I personally used the bassinet from the travel system we used and then transitioned her into her crib directly. It is very convenient, specially if you are a breast feeding mom. Plus it also helps with creating the bond with your child, because they recognize you from your scent. And it assures them they are safe and close to you and they sleep better and also it lowers the rate of SIDs, which every single mom on this planet is scared of.


1224311_f520 Bassinet-Arm-Reach4 Bassinet-for-Smart-Lux-and-Promenade-Strollers-side-view-on-strollerPacifier:

I know some people don’t like giving their child a pacifier and it’s totally upto them, like myself i didn’t gave my daughter a pacifier. She did a lot of comfort feeding, which was very tiresome and exhausting but I was up for it. And after a while she got used to of not having one. But pacifier is a lifesaver. Specially in outdoors and at night. If you are okay with giving your child a pacifier which is a no big deal and you child also likes it. It will give you and your child so much comfort and relaxation. Literally it will make your life easy by 50% and I am not Boppy Pillow

If you are breast feeding it’s a mustttttt have. I can not emphasis enough it is going to save you from back aches and bad postures, but also if you are not breastfeeding it is going to help you out with feeding the bottle, you can lay them in you lap in a comfortable position keep your posture and also feed them, while keeping them close to your body. Also later as they grow, it will help them with for tummy time, to make them sit and give them some back support and also they can lay and play.

1113000253871_500X500 BCF334010451_L_4#5 White noise or Soothing music

There are so many inexpensive white noise devices in the market and free apps online, youtube is filled,just google it whatever works for you. Just get some sort of very light white noise for your baby. If you are about to have a child you are most likely aware of the noise babies spend 9months in, when you hear their heartbeat you hear this white noise, which is comforting to them. Or you can go old fashion way and use a fan. Obviously not pointing towards them. But keep the fan on it will not only going to provide just enough white noise but also it is going to blur out any noises you make and make you baby sleep better plus it is also going to keep the air regulation in the room.

31ThhQCVhIL._SY300_ pTRU1-8450170reg#6 Black and White Board or Toys:

Babies can only see black and white dark contrasts.So toys or boards like that are going to divert their attention and give them something interesting to spend their time on, thinking and looking. Also if your child hates car seat, bathing, diapper change it is going to distract them enough to get your job done.


41cFKwWe0BL._SY300_ black-and-white-baby-toys-gaxje9ft Recently-Updated11-500x312

#7 Baby Mittens and Nail Clippers

Their nails grow so fast it’s insane. And they scratch their face so much. In the beginning you can use mittens but after a while they’ll figure out to take them off. So nail clippers will come in handy.

kangaroo2 mittens1

#8 Diaper disposal bins

It does not have to be diaper genie elite. Any diapper disposal bin works. It is very very very important or else your house is going to smell like pee and poop. And you are going to spend so much time in that smell, you will get used to, but when people come to your house they might not say anything but they ain’t coming again. (haha) Glamorous !

diaper-genie-elite#9 Nursing Bra and Pads / Bottles and formula

If you are breast feeding nursing bras are must must haves. You have to get them. It is going to make your life so much easier and also pads to prevent any milk stains and changing your clothes again and again. And if you are feeding formula, bottles and sterilizers.

89973DisposableNursingBraPads b2b1c87eff94bb984a77ef755a95a141 b5f6c26c46b7da06e536958ead6014fbsteamstereliser#10 Baby Bath tub and sponge:

Baby bath tub is not only going to make it easy for you to bath them but also it is going to make this experience fun and relaxing for them. So they don’t start disliking taking baths because it’s not so relaxing and the water temperature keeps changing. Babies should be bath in luke warm water, put your elbow, because it’s the most sensitive to check the temperature of water and give them a sponge bath and make it relaxing for them, in order to make it less exhausting for you and them in the future.


012 bathtub_3

These are the things which are must must have. You can add anything to it and make your life easy, like baby carriers, a lot of babies love baby carriers. My daughter doesn’t like it. But a lot of babies do, make sure to hold their head. Because they have no control on their neck and head so it can be dangerous. Make sure whatever carrier you are using holds their head nice and safe. And at 0-3 months stage wrap carriers work the best.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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