Naked Palettes !! Urban Decay !! Neutral Shades !!

Urban Decay Naked Palettes !

So far UD has 3 Naked palettes, and i absolutely love them all. In this blog post I’m going to share all the information I have about these palettes and why there is so much hype about them.
These palettes are ideal for beginners. They have 12 different shades in each palette to play with, and you can’t really mess up an eye look using neutral shades. And using a same palette, you can take a day look to night look. So it really is a perfect Travel palette as well. The quality of Eyeshadows is absolutely lovely.



Pros & Cons !

These palettes have a wide variety of neutral eyeshadows, so these will make amazing, everyday makeup palettes. The eyeshadows just glide on the eyelid and don’t settle into creases. I have used them without any eye primer, and they worked just fine. However if you have oily eyelids you obviously can’t get away with using any brand eyeshadows without using an eye primer. So, you might wanna use one.
There’s no fall out of eyeshadows , other than, a little chunkier shimmery eyeshadows, and Blacks!

Naked 1 !!


Naked 1 has 12 lovely warm toned eye shadow. They’re perfect to create sultry goddessy makeup looks.It comes with a mini eye primer bottle and a single sided eyeshadow brush. However when using shimmery shades I  prefer to use my finger tips. It gives the lovliest finish to the eyeshadow and keeps the eyeshadow true to it’s actual finish and look.


Naked 2 !


Naked 2 palettes has 12 lovely cool toned eyeshadows. And Naked 2 palette has a bigger mirror than Naked 1 which is really handy. And the brush that comes with this palette is dual ended and it blends in the eyeshadows flawlessly. These eyeshadows are perfect to make smokey eyes just by using 2 shades, infact if you use just blackout and keep smoking it out, it gives you an amazing modern and chic smokey eye look. A coat of mascara and you’re good to go, and nobody will ever know you just spent 2mins on your eye makeup, but it looks like million bucks. This palette comes with a mini, teeny tiniest pinky lipgloss which goes well with all of these eye shadow.


Naked 3 !



Naked 3 comes with 12 lovely rose-toned shades, a dual ended brush, with the variety of UDs eye primers. This palette is like baby of Naked 1 and 2. These eyeshadows have pink and purple under tones. These eye shadows are ideal for creating romantic eye looks. I love doing make-up using this palette on date nights.

Although all Naked Palettes work fantastically with all skin tones, it’s better to know which one to start with. You can’t really mess up your eye look using these shades, they are amazing day and night palettes, and a great mommy-friendly palette. They are my absolute must-have when traveling, because if you check my blog, you will know I love to travel and eyeshadows, even the high-ends one, they just break and it’s a mess. However i never had any accidents with these palettes. I hope this post helped some of you.

Good Luck !
Zunaira Sulman.


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