zunaira sulman favorite 5 affordable lipsticks

My favorite 5 affordable lipsticks

My favorite 5 affordable lipsticks:

I have enough lipsticks for the rest of my life, said no girl ever. I love lipsticks so much. I do not care much about my eyeshadows and different kind of eyeliners, I am very happy with basic black liner, but I love to experiment with my lipsticks. Lately I have been only going for more high-end lipsticks. I am the kind of a person who prefers one high-end lipstick over 3 cheap ones. However, there is a big difference in cheap and affordable. There are some amazing lipsticks in affordable options. They are not cheap at all, but really great quality. I would suggest you to wear no makeup than to wear really cheap kind. You are just gonna end up damaging your skin. Cheap make up causes dark pigmentation and shadows on your skin, and especially lips. Always go for affordable ones, with good quality. It is okay if you can not buys 12 at one time. Buy one by one, and build your collection, also you will get to enjoy the product meanwhile. I love affordable lipsticks. And honestly there is not much difference left in high-end and affordable lipsticks. Yes, the packaging and the whole feel of using a high-end product is a tiny bit different, but the lasting power, pigmentation, and quality is almost alike. In fact in most cases pigmentation and lasting power of affordable lipsticks are better than high-end lipsticks. My favorite 5 affordable lipsticks are,


L’Orealย color riche 378 velvet rose:


I talk about this lipsticks so much on my blog. Well, may be because this is the one I use 95% of the times, if not always. I aboslutely love this shade.It is a “no brainer” for me. You can wear it with anyyyyyyyy makeup look and it will look good. It is pink but not super sweet doll-pink. You can totally use it as an everyday lipstick, it is that kind of shade. It is so moisturizing to the lips. I love how it does not exaggerates dry patches in the lips. In winters especially my lips get really dry, I use a lot of lip balm and sos lip treatments, but there are times, when I didn’t, and than I have to rush somewhere or run some errands, this lipstick totally makes me look fresh and healthy. Let’s be honest dry lips make you look super unhealthy. This lipstick is pretty opaque, so even if you have some dark pigmentation on your lips, it will cover it up and give you even coverage. Plus I have noticed it looks good on most skin tones. Can’t say enough good things about this one. That is why it made to my top 5 lipstick list.

Bourjois Rouge Edition # 14


I am a big fan of Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks and also velvet liquid lipsticks. They are amazing. This specific lipstick is one of my favorites. It is a really pretty maroon-ish tone. I love that this shade is not suuper dark, but still enough for a statement lip-look. You can totally wear it for formal occasions. It is in between creamy and matte cosistency. It is neither matte nor creamy, which is perfect for dark lips, so it doesn’t feather and make a mess, and you end up with “miranda sings” lips by the end of the day, and when you look in the mirror, you get shocked, thinking wow this is how I looked that whole time. Well, happened to all of us. This dark lipstick will save you from the embarrassment. This lipstick looks good with any kind of outfit, ethnic or western and also it looks good with most skin tones. I use it with a brush, so I don’t have to use a separate lip liner, and still it works great. It is not at all drying on lips. It does feel slightly creamy and it is absolutely comfortable to wear. Bourjois in general makes some amazing products and this rouge edition lipstick is no exception.

Sephora Bewitch Me


This is a really statement, bold and in your face kind of dark lipstick. It has that very young and rad vibe to it. It is a beautiful dark-dark purple lipstick with brown undertones, or that’s what I have noticed. It does have a little bit scent, which I don’t mind. And secondly it doesn’t linger. Even If it did I wouldn’t mind that, but I do know some people do not like or are sensitive to scents in the makeup products. So just wanted to add that. A while back, super dark lipsticks were really hard to find in affordable options, either MAC, which is still expensive but not as super high-end luxury makeup brands. But MAC does amazing dark lipsticks, I have to say you can not compare these two, but it is a pretty good one for the price you pay. I used to go to Sephora to only buy other brand products, but after trying a couple of products I was impressed so started to try out more. I have to say they are either “hits” or absolute misses. There are some products that I really did not like and some I loved. So when I buy sephora products I don’t set expectations or my guesses, it can be anything. This lipstick is not entirely matte, neither super creamy. It is not drying on lips at all, but while you are applying it with brush, to outline your lips, it does feel a little patchy but I can work with that, and if you use a lip liner it’s absolutely fine. At the same time I like it being a little dry while applying, so it doesn’t slip and feather on your lips. Which counts as a plus. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this lipstick and even strangers have asked me about it. So, that for sure is a good sign.

Maybelline ColorSensetional 906 hot plum:


As the name suggests, it is a hot plum shade. I feel it looks more pinky with purple under tones on lips. It is neither pink nor purple. It is a blend of both and it looks lovely. I see it as a soft statement lipstick. I do not count it as bold lip shade, even though it does add into that category. It also has a little bit scent, caramel like, it is very mild. Again, I do not mind that. It is super pigmented, and It is really really easy to apply. A lot of the times It’s really hard to apply a slightly more pigmented lipstick without making a mess, and keep retouching it. It is pretty easy to apply and it also does not feather at least on me. It feels soft and slightly creamy on lips. Maybelline colorsensational lipsticks are amazing. I do not have any complains with them. Everything about these lipsticks is on point.

Essence 52 in the nude:


This is the most budget friendly lipstick ever. I really LOVE this lipstick. And it is safe to say it is my favorite nude shade. I absolutely love it. It is a brown toned nude, but it has pink undertones, which makes it absolutely my kind of nude lipstick. It is suuuuper creamy. Honestly it does match to high-end creamy lipstick level. The packaging feels, cheap, like really plasticy cheap. And it gets messy super easy, as you can see in the picture, I tried to clean it for picture sake and ruined my lipstick (lol). Anyhow besides the packaging the product itself does not feel cheap at all. It is opaque it is creamy and It does have kind of strong scent to it. Which I am not a big fan of, I will say that, but it does not linger, it goes away within seconds so it’s okay. I do not like the scent, but this shade of brownish nude with pink hues for this price and also the quality of lipstick itself if good, is an absolute steal. I think it’s the prettiest nude lipstick in affordable options.

So, these are my favorite five affordable lipsticks. I hope they helped you to pick and choose some for yourself.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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