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My 7 least used Makeup products

My 7 least used Makeup products

For today’s post I decided to post my least used makeup products. Now the thing is they’re not least used because I don’t like them, I love them. But for some reason I never really end up using them, and gravitate towards other products. I usually put my makeup on rotation and keep switching stuff in my makeup bag so I can use all of my makeup products. But these ones I don’t know why never make it to my makeup bag.

makeup products

Urban decay Naked 3 Palette

This palette is like a cult favorite. Everyone loves it, and I’m no exception. But again I end up using more warm toned colors and this gets neglected so much despite the fact that I love all the eyeshadows in this palette. They’re unique but neutral at the same time. I’m planning to use it more from now on.

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Precision Eye Definer

70 Khaki Platine

I remember being so excited buying it. It’s light olive green withย iridescent finish. It’s such a gorgeous eye pencil, plus it’s easy to use since it has smudger on the other end. I have only used it once or twice ever since I bought it.

IMG_3559 makeup products IMG_3534 makeup products IMG_3562

Estee Lauder

Pure Color Liquid Eyeliner

03 Silver Zinc

I went through a phase where I was obsessed with olive color. That’s when I bought Chanel eye definer and this eyeliner. I don’t wear colored eyeliner, but this silver zinc is more of an iridescent olive color, so I bought it. I have used it only twice so far.

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Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow

208 Navy Design

I have this palette from YEARS ! They have even changed the packaging now, it comes in a more rectangular box now. I absolutely love the shimmery top shadow it looks gorgeous on any base shadow. But again for SOME STUPID REASON I haven’t used it much. But I’m keeping this palette even though it’s so old because it’s the first DIOR thing I ever purchased.


Estee Lauder

Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set

We’ve reached a new holiday season, these two glosses are from last year’s Estee lauder Holiday gift set. And I have not even used them once. The set came with 6 glosses, 3 of them I have used to death, LOVE THEM ! but rest of the 3 I haven’t even used once. They’re darker more shimmery colors, which quite honestly ย I don’t like very much, which is just personal preference. But the same shimmer in neutral glosses looks BOMB ! I love the formulation of Estee Lauder glosses, they’re not sticky at all and super glossy.

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Urban Decay Electric Palette

This palette is one of the best palettes when it comes to pigmentation and application. It’s super colorful and fun, for that reason I haven’t used it much. Bold and Colorful shadows take more time with blending and creating a decent look, and I don’t have that much time, I love the palette, but I’m a little too busy to create looks with it, and it’s definitely not an everyday palette, at least for me.

makeup products

makeup products

makeup products

Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette

027 Dancing till Dusk

I have put it in my makeup bag just now. It’s such a perfect palette. I used it when I just bought it, it was like my go-to palette, but for a very short time. It’s such a gorgeous everyday/travel-friendly/easy-to-use/multi-tasking product. It’s about time I get some use out of it.

makeup products makeup products IMG_3712

My plan is to put these products on rotation too. I hope this post encourages you to go through your least used products and use them.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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