Moving with a baby ?

Moving with a baby :

Moving to a new place, itself is a big challenge and when you add little people in it, it definitely elevates the level of stress and work load. I have moved to new places a lot in past few years. After getting married-moved- to another country, Before having a baby-to another city, after having one (newborn) and now that she is 15 months, we are moving to a new place again. So I find myself perfectly eligible to offer some tips and tricks, which are useful for everybody.


Take your time :

Don’t hurry it up. Take your time. The moment you get to know that you have to move on a certain date. Start packing. Slowly, step by step. Pack everything that you don’t need and keep piling it up in one room. Don’t try to pack everything in hurry. Keep yourself calm and don’t stress. It will make your move so much easier.


Label the boxes by stuff inside them & rooms they belong to:

Whatever you are using to pack your stuff. Boxes or bags or suit cases. Always always write on the box, or use a painter’s tape to mention what is inside the box, and ALSO which room it belongs to. So the boxes don’t pile up and you get confused where to begin with and where to find what. Because that is so annoying and frustrating. The last thing you want to figure out after you move is to find all your stuff.


Don’t wait until the big moving day:

Don’t wait till the moving day to move your stuff. Your actual moving day should be just about, moving your family and essentials to a new place. Take a load of stuff every day after you get keys to your place. or paint the walls, whatever needs to be done. Do it, instead of waiting after you move in and then fix it.



Fix all the furniture in new place:

After you empty all the cupboards and dressers. Bring all the furniture to new place. And one by one build it, before moving. And for all moms worried out there about their little ones. Don’t panic. Babies act up even more when you are stressed. Use travel crib for your little one. We are moving in 4days and I am already putting my little one in her travel crib, firstly so she is familiar with it. And it doesn’t shock her when we move. And secondly we can easily take the crib to a new place and fix it before moving.



Baby Essentials:

Babies are neeeedy, neeedy creatures. And you gotta have everything on your hands for when they need it. I have kept all her clothes/diappers/wipe/sippy cup/spoon/bowl etc each of everything with me. Yeah you have ti wash it every time you feed them, but it makes you life so much easier after moving. And anyway it’s not like it’s impossible to get anything you need. So just calm down and relax. It’s not as worrisome as you might think. It’s part of being a mom though.




Kitchen must be the first place in your house that needs to be in order. Everything can wait, but specially with a baby. Kitchen needs to be in order. Spend a day at your new place before moving and fix the kitchen. People tend to be more irritable and annoyed when they are hungry for obvious reasons. I, myself act like a DIVA when I’m hungry. It ain’t pretty or fun. So fix he kitchen, fridge everything. Fill up your fridge/freezer with food.



Get rid of the things you don’t need:

Get rid of things you don’t need. Don’t accumulate stuff that is just going to clutter your house and waste your time and energy. Make piles, donation pile, keep pile, and trash. You will be surprised how much you have been accumulating without even realizing.



Don’t depend on help:

If you don’t have anyone to help your with, IT IS OK. If you follow these tips and tricks, you are not gonna need any help anyway. I can say that from experience. If you have help, good for you. But know that even if you are getting help, you are the one responsible for your house. And you are the one who needs to make that place feel like home.



Don’t panic:

It is scientifically proven that stressing out makes things worse. And you are more likely to get stuff done if you are calm rather than worried. Don’t worry even if it’s not going the way you want it it. In the end it will be fine. It’s not as big of a deal as it looks like. Just do you best and keep yourself calm.


pack your suit cases for the beginning like you’re going on vacation:

pack your suitcase like you are going on vacation, but comfy clothes, toiletries, and everything you might need before putting everything in the places where they belong. It will make your life so much easier, beyond your imagination.


These are my tips and tricks on moving to a new place. And keep reminding yourself not to stress out or worry. Also if you have pets then keep the pet food and their essentials, just the same way you kept your own. And know that it’s not a forever thing. There is a reason you had to move and it is only for the betterment of your life and future. So keep a positive approach.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

2 thoughts on “Moving with a baby ?

  1. It’s live we have almost identical lives, we have been on a moving roll every since we got married and it really gets stressful with babies. That god my husband is a pro at this moving stuff haha.

    I hope you join bloglovin’ or are you there? Would love to follow you, love your blog.

    Sam || Beautydetour

    1. haha I feel like a pro myself ! ahh ! but I’m so done movin’. Luckily we are not planning to move anytime soon. That’s a relied ! ever since that post we have moved twice(lol). Not yer ! I’ll definitely have a look at bloglovin’ and join :)

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