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Mother’s day Gift Ideas – Desi Version

Mother’s day Gift Ideas – Desi Version

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and I encourage every single one of you to show your love, respect and appreciation for the most important figure in your life. Sp, here is Mother’s day Gift Ideas – Desi version to help and encourage you to celebrate you Mother. Mothers, they do so much for us, they love us even before we are born, they love us unconditionally. I have always been very very expressive to my mom, showing her how much I love and care for her, it is so so important to tell her how much she means to you, and appreciate every single thing she has done for you, every single sacrifice she has made for us. You must have noticed I have added “Desi version” in the title of this blog post, it is because our Desi moms are very different. They put their lives on line to keep us happy and provide us with everything we need. I have never been a “rebel” teenager or I have never been a very rebellious child, where you forget to show you appreciation or you have a rough patch with your parents, I have never had that, Alhumdulilah! My parents are the best parents any child can ever dream of. The whole point of this blog post is to encourage you to treat the most important woman in your life with love, respect and appreciation. It does not have to be something over the top, if you live far away, call her tell her you love her, it can be a bar of chocolate or a homemade breakfast in bed, rubbing her feet or taking her out for a dinner, it can be anything, it doesn’t matter how little it is, it is the effort that counts, so make sure you do your part.

Comfortable pair of shoes

As random as it sounds, I think we all, especially moms can appreciate the comfort of shoes. It can be something formal, or casual, any kind that you think your mom would like the most, it is a no-brainer in my opinion. Add a Mother’s day card or a bouquet of flowers, and she will be on the could 7.

Body Care Basket

I know my mom would really love it, and will forget to use it forever, and I will have to remind her all the time to use it. She will cherish it for the life time and will never throw it away. My mom is a sweet heart, she still has the bottles of moisturizer and lotions I got her on mother’s day when I way in class 4 or 5. She has everything till date, and she remembers all of them, which one is from which year. I think adding a body lotion, a shower gel, a loofah, a hand cream, in a cute little basket and writing a personalized card, appreciating her for everything she does and has done for us would make a very sweet mother’s day gift. And make sure you remind her to use it, and force her to use it.

Summer/Lawn Suits

Yes! I think there’s no better gift than getting a three piece Lawn suits. I think they are very practical, and she is going to be super happy and feel loved everytime she wears it. I find it to be best gift idea, everytime she will wear it, it will bring smile on her face. Add a card or flowers, or anything like that, and wrap it up nicely. There you go, best gift ever.

Dinner out / Dinner inn

Give her a break, She cooks for you all, every single day, tell her not to cook the dinner, order something at home or take her out for a nice dinner. Tell her to take an evening off and make her a cup of tea or something, and let her relax. She deserves it.

Breakfast in bed

That is like the sweetest thing in the world. Wake her up with a beautifully presented breakfast tray, put a flower or card in the tray and she will be happy all day. It is so super easy, like literally it can’t get any easier than that, and you can never go wrong with breakfast in bed.


As Cliche as it is, you can rarely ever go wrong with a perfume present. And you would know the kind of scents your mom likes, so it is easy to shop for a perfume for her. It is elegant it is classy and everytime she spritz it, it will be a reminder that you love her.

Something Extravagant

If you want to do something extravagant, then get her a nice gold accessory, like a bangle or a bracelet or a nose-pin or ear studs, anything that she really really likes. Or instead of buying individual presents, all siblings can combine the money and get her something really extravagant like that.

Whatever you get her, as an appreciation, don’t get her anything related to homeware and stuff. My mom loves crockery and all those pretty homeware stuff, but leave it for some other day, any day other than her birthday and mother’s day. And remember at the end of the day it is about expressing your love and thanking her for doing so much for you, and putting you first, always.

I hope you find this post helpful. I would love to know who you spent Mother’s day, so, don’t forget to share it with me.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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