modern winged eyeliner

Modern Winged Eyeliner look

Modern Winged Eyeliner look

A modern winged eyeliner look, a lot of the times when you think of going for a good winged eyeliner look, you choose more neutral shades, or go with more traditional looks, like Pinup style or Arab inspired looks.Every region has their own version of winged eyeliner look. To me as much as I love sticking to neutral eyeshadow, it gets pretty boring. Stepping out of neutrals doesn’t mean going for neon bright eyeshadows. I was totally bored with the traditional winged eyeliner looks, so I created this modern winged eyeliner look. I don’t find graphic, artsy looks, to be very wearable, for me a Modern winged eyeliner look is something, which is kind of new and refreshing, but not anything shockingly drastic. It doesn’t necessarily means going for weird shapes of the wing. I also paired this look with an unusual lip color to really modernize it,plus matte finish just adds to the modernness of this look. Even though it is a modern winged eyeliner look, it is still wearable and in fact subtle. It is unusual but pleasantly unusual.

IMG_1205 - Copy



Step #1

One thing to keep in mind, Blending is the key in this look. I applied a brown eyeshadow “Buck” from orginal UD naked palette and blended it from the crease above.IMG_0991


Step #2

Then I took a darker brown eyeshadow from Sephora cube and deepened the crease, and brought it towards the inner corner of the eyes.



Step #3

Woah I know ! psst but just work with it. I took a pinkish rust eyeshadow from Sephora cube and applied it all over the lids.



Step #4

Now to add a dual-tone effect, I added a sparkly brown eyeshadow from sephora cube on top of the first lid shade. It will create a beautiful dual-toned rust shade.



Step #5

Blend BUCK and DARK BOWN on the lower lash line.



Step #6

Catrice stay all day nude eye pencil in the water line, Maybelline Master Drama Eye pencil in Black for tight line. Winged eyeliner using Sephora (non-water proof eyeliner), and for mascara I used L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara. And this modern winged eyeliner look is done.




For lips I mixed a little bit of Salem and Cashmere from LC. It created a really unique color, mix any dark brown lipstick and a greyish brown lipstick or a dusty rose lipstick to create a similar shade. I just thought while I’m going for a modern winged eyeliner look, add a modern lip color too.



I hope you like this Modern Winged eyeliner look. If you try it out share it with me on my facebook page or tag me on instagram @zunairasulman.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.


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