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Metallic Turquoise Eyes makeup with pale pink lips

Metallic Turquoise Eyes makeup with pale pink lips

In the last week, both the makeup looks I shared on my blog were, super neutral and quick. This week I will be sharing more dramatic but still wearable look this week. They are not suuuuper dramatic but just enough to make a statement. You can wear this metallic turquoise look on several occasions, it will go with both traditional and modern clothing. It will look great on any skin tone. No matter how pale or how tanned you are. This one is going to look great. I get very turquoise ocean kinda vibe from this look. Which is obviously beautiful, I mean who doesn’t love jewel toned, crystal-like, turquoise oceans. I had to balance out this look with a muted lippie. You can use both kind of nude lips, pink toned or the ones with orangey-brown undertones. I pared it with pale pink lipstick, because that was not as obvious as brownish nudes, with heavy eye makeup, we all expect a brownish nude lipstick. This was a little different. But any nude lip will look again with this eye makeup.


Step #1

Since this look is so dramatic and has a metallic finish to it, I went for a matte browbone highlight. I applied “Kinky” from Urban decay Smoked palette, which is a super pigmented matte vanilla shade, any matte vanilla eyeshadow will work. You do not have to use the same exact products that I am using, anything that looks close to them will work just fine, and it all about creating a look from what you have already got.


Step #2

For this step I used “backdoor” from urban decay smoked palette, which is a super, super, super dark brown matte eyeshadow. The metallic turquoise is the star of this look, so I want all the other shades to be matte, to balance out the look,and I don’t want it to look over done. I like balanced out looks way more than whole bunch of products slapped on your face. It is a bright color and yet it looks chic, which is the key. Anyway, As you can see in the picture, I created a cat eye shape with “backdoor”. And blended it out in the crease as well.


Step #3

To intensify the look even further I have used “black out” from urban decay smoked palette, and applied it right at the outer end of the eye. Blackout eyeshadow is my favorite matte black shadow, it is opaque and super blendable. Make sure to stay within the ends of your eyes, and don’t go further than that and ruin all the work you did with “backdoor”. Now You have 2 outer V shades, which is going to make this look more dramatic and interesting. Use a blend of “blackout and backdoor” on the lower lash line and blend it out as well, making sure that the look is tied together, the lids and lower lashline should be connected, otherwise this makeup look will look disconnected and unbalanced.


Step #4

Now the fun part, I used “Fringe” from the urban decay electric palette and applied it alllll over my lids and tiniest bit on the lower lashline in the inner corner of the eyes. You do not have to be precise with it, I know it doesn’t seem that way. It does look a little intimidating, but honestly just swipe it around your lid and in the end you can reapply “backdoor” and blend.


Step #5

To make this look even more interesting and beautiful I added “Freak” from the urban decay electric palette into in the inner corners. As you can see in the picture, I kept it rather pointed. Like you would do a arabic-inspiredย  eyeliner. It adds a very unexpected detail to the look. And it is not as harsh as arabic-eyeliner look. Since, I used a light green eyeshadow to do that. You can skip this step, but I think this step adds more depth and detail to the look.


Step #6

This look would not be complete without a winged eyeliner. You can skip it if this look is already too much for you. But I think for a makeup look like that, winged eyeliner is just cherry on top. Make sure to keep the line thin in the inner third of the eyes and then thicken it as you go towards the outer end and wing it out. It give your eyes more elongated, wide open and almond-like shape.


Step #7

Use a black eyepencil or kohl pencil and rim the inner lashline, I used a Kohl pencil. Fake eyelashes would look so absolutely fabulous with this look. I just applied few coats of mascara to thicken my real eyelashes and it still looked great. And this was the last step for this eyemakeup.



Now with this eye makeup any nude lip will look amazing. Not matter you wear one with brown undertones or with pink undertones. I went for a pale pink lipstick, and didn’t apply any lip gloss, because I wanted the eyes to be the center of this look. I used Estee Lauder Pure color envy lipstick in “desirable”.

IMG_8250 IMG_8258

IMG_7553 IMG_7654 IMG_7656

All Black outfit:

I kept the outfit pretty plain too. Went for All black look,

Top: Forever21

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: I don’t remember(lol)

Ear Studs: Charles Vogele (Switzerland)


I hope you loved this look, just as much as I did. Have fun.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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