maybelline dream wonder foundation review zunaira sulman

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

maybelline dreamwonder foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundationย  is a very talked about and loved product. A lot of people seem to really like it. I have mixed reviews on it. It is known to be a dupe for L’Oreal Nude magique foundation. I love L’Oreal Nude magique foundation, it is my absooolute, absooolute favorite. I went to repurchase it but it was not on the racks. I tried different stores, but I don’t know where it is gone, I hope they haven’t discontinued it, because I really really like that foundation. Anyway, I checked out other foundations and I was looking for a light-weight and medium coverage foundation. I knew that Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation is known to be the dupe for the one I love, I checked it out, and bought it. And I have been using it for a while now.

maybelline dream wonder foundation maybelline dream wonder

Pros and Cons:

I have to say that I am not a big fan of this product. Like it is not a horrible product, not at all, It is a wonderful product, but I am not a big fan, I prefer L’Oreal Nude magique over this one. This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a weird applicator, which I fail to understand. I do not understand the use of the weird wand that it has. Like, what the hell are you suppose to do with it, wait until a drop drips from the weird wand applicator, or swipe the wand on the face and then put it back in the product, what are you supposed to do with it ? I mean who has that much time, they would have rather skipped the whole wand thing. Or I don’t know, I don’t have any use for that. I pour it straight in to my palm, like L’Oreal nude magique. It does not have a very good coverage. I won’t call it a medium coverage foundation. It does a great job at evening out the complexion and it is great for everyday low coverage product. But if you want a little more coverage it is not your foundation. It is literally like water, it is so so so runny. It is even runnier than L’Oreal nude magique foundation. So watery. This foundation is great for casual everyday kinda affairs. It makes the pores very noticeable, at least for me, and I notice weird bumps on my face after a while, everytime I use this foundation. And I hate that about this foundation. It does get oily after a while, and moves you makeup, and if you don’t wear water proof mascara and you have oily skin, you mascara will end up on your cheeks(lol) but it’s like that with most foundations . For me this one is not a hit. I have heard a lot of people rave about it, but for me it is not a must have product. I would not be repurchasing it. If you plan on wearing something for a couple of hours, for running to the grocery store, or anything casual really, where you would just like to look presentable, I see it working great for you. Otherwise, NO!

I hope this will help you to decide for yourself whether you want to try this product out or not. I have a combination skin, oily in the T-zone and Dry outside the T-zone. I hope that helps.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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