zunaira sulman matte and rad

Matte and Rad Makeup look

Matte and Rad

This makeup look is super trendy and statement. Not everybody can wear that kind of makeup look with confidence. I love a good bold statement lip-look, with a nice thick winged eyeliner. For this particular look I wore a matte black eyeliner, and what is not there to love about a matte black eyeliner ? I paired it with a dark purple lipstick. I used very light wash of eyeshadows over the lid, since the look is so bold. You can totally skip the eyeshadows, but I do like to neutralize my lids a little bit. This look is so simple to create and it has such a big impact. I, personally don’t wear these kind of looks very often, but they are always refreshing and fun to play with. I am going to share a very simple and easy tip with you in this blog, for turning your basic eyeliner, into a matte eyeliner. Also you can pair up any bold lipstick with this look and it will look great.



Step one:

I used “Strange” from urban decay naked 3 palette, which is a matte vanilla shade to highlight the browbone, with naked 3 brush. And after that I used Real techniques deluxe crease brush to apply “Buck” from original naked palette, ever so slightly in the crease to define it a little bit and add a little bit of detail in the look. Since this look is all about matte eyes,I only used matte shadows.

IMG_4237strange naked original IMG_2316

Step # 2

After that I used “strange” again from urban decay naked 3 palette, to neutralize my lids. And applied a very light wash of it with naked 3 brush. That’s it. These are all the eyeshadows I used to make this look.


Step #3

A matte black thick winged eyeliner. This look would not be complete without this eyeliner look. You can change up any lip shade, you can skip all the eyeshadow, but this eyeliner look is amazing. It is one of my favorite looks. And I love the statement It makes. I used Sephora eyeliner pen to apply my eyeliner and here is the trick, use a matte black eyeshadow over your basic eyeliner to mattify it. Idk if that’s a word. What matte black eyeshadow does is, it sticks to your eyeliner, making it darker and also it makes the most beautiful matte eyeliner look. You can use this trick with any colored eyeliner, but black has to be my favorite of all. Anyway I have a thing for matte black anything. I kept the eyeliner pretty thick, just a little thinner in the inner corner of the eye.


Step # 4

Add few coats of mascara and your eye look is done. I love how easy and simple this look is. It looks like you spent hours on your makeup but literally all you need is 5 to max 10 minutes to create this look, and you are out the door.


Step #5

To finish off this statement look, I used a super bold, purple lipstick from sephora. It is Sephora Rouge “bewitch me”.


This look is super fun. And I love how it is so easy and quick. It has that super young and carefree vibe to it, which obviously I am not carefree at all but at least I can have fun with my makeup looks. (haha).

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.

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