Mascara Tips & Tricks

Mascara Tips & Tricks:

Applying mascara properly is just as important as having a good base on your face. It not only makes you look more awake, but also opens up the eyes, giving the illusion of bigger eyes.Following are few tips & tricks to make your lashes look, longer, fuller and thicker.

Tip # 1

Don’t use super wet mascara formula. It will just mess up your makeup. You might have noticed that when you buy a new mascara it will be super wet and it won’t give you the effect it claims. Let it dry a bit. Once it gets a little dried up the application will be much easier & it will hold the curl better while making your lashes thick, because once it dries up a bit, it coats every lash and sticks to them.

Tip #2

Always use a lash curler before applying mascara, and one side at a time, curl it and apply mascara, then curl the other side and apply the mascara. If you don’t have eyelash curler or you are too scared to use it, go for spoon method and curl your lashes. It’s simply that you use the curve of a spoon, instead of an eyelash curler. when your eyelashes are curled and then you coat them with mascara, if not only opens up your eyes, but also when the mascara gets dried it hold the curl so much better.

Tip #3

Find your favorite combo.And use two mascaras for different purposes. e.g I have straight, and thin lashes. I use Maybelline colossal and estee lauder sumptuous extreme lash multiplying mascara. And by using both of them it gives the illusion of fuller and longer lashes.

Tip #4

Apply your mascara in front of a fan. Yes ! apply it in front of a fan, it will dry u quickly and you can coat it generously without making it clumpy.And all the coats will be fully dried so the lashes will stay in place the whole day.

Tip #5

If you have really really thin, straight and small lashes, in between every coat of mascara, apply/dust some face powder on them. It’s just like using a duo of mascara, an eyelash primer with fibers and mascara.It’s a budget friendly way of achieving the same effect.

Tip #6

Lastly apply a THIN layer of eyeliner, veryyyyy closely to your lashline, or while applying mascara push some product in your lashline, for fuller and thicker eyelashes.


I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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