makeup starter kit

Makeup, Where to start ? Starter Kit

Makeup, Where to start ? Starter Kit

Well these days especially, there are soooooo many, soooo sooo many makeup products, to the person who is new to makeup it is literally like a mirror maze. You just feel lost in there. This post is for all those people who want to spend their money right way, and not waste on bunch of advanced stuff. Also they just wanna know essentials to begin with and work their way up. My tip is, take baby steps. You don’t need every single product out there in your basket. When I first started using makeup Mascara, gloss, and blush was all I had. And honestly I was so frigging happy. And it made me feel so girly and pretty. Now I have literally everything for a complete glam makeup look, but I still remember the happiness that mascara, gloss and blush gave me. Don’t get me wrong. I love putting on makeup and playing with it. But the happiness those first few products give you, well that’s something else. Baby steps are the key to spend wisely and also it saves you all the confusion, and especially embarrassment in the future *HAHA* Well I honestly never cared about embarrassment, I did my thing. And I am not embarrassed, may be because I took baby steps. And I used to products I was sure of. We all go through phases of doing weird stuff. And we enjoy it, as long as it makes you happy, it’s worth it. Well, anyway, I have three options for the starter kit, more like levels, you can pick and choose which one suits you the best.

Make up starter kit # 1 :



Makeup Starter Kit level 1

L Oréal Paris lip treatment
5.22 CHF -

Maybelline blush
8.57 CHF -

Maybelline eye shadow
4.87 CHF -

Physicians Formula black eye makeup
6.96 CHF -
Make up Starter Kit Level #2:
Makeup starter kit level 2

Beauty product
9.38 CHF -

Maybelline eyeshadow
6.61 CHF -

L Oréal Paris red lipstick
5.22 CHF -

Maybelline eye makeup
13 CHF -

Rimmel concealer
7.25 CHF -

Maybelline liquid eyeliner
9.07 CHF -
Makeup Starter Kit Level # 3 !
Makeup starter kit level 3

Maybelline nude eyeshadow
7.83 CHF -

Powder blush
4.36 CHF -

Rimmel matte face powder
5.27 CHF -

Bourjois bronzing powder
11 CHF -

Bamboo makeup brush
9.57 CHF -

L Oréal Paris l oreal paris cosmetic
14 CHF -

Cream eyeshadow
6.09 CHF -

COVERGIRL black eye makeup
8.97 CHF -

Matte makeup
5.23 CHF -

Maybelline concealer
11 CHF -

Maybelline kohl pencil eyeliner
13 CHF -

Maybelline eyeliner
9.07 CHF -

I hope you find this post helpful.
Good Luck !
                                 Zunaira Sulman.

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