Makeup products for beginners Zunaira Sulman

Makeup products for beginners

Makeup products for beginners

I’ve  received so many messages asking for Makeup products for beginners and a starer kit. I understand where they’re coming from. Choosing makeup products for beginners can be very very overwhelming. There is so much too choose from, it definitely gets confusing. So I am sharing my recommendations for makeup products for beginners. I will mention alternatives of all the products mentioned as well, to make it easier. The Makeup products for beginners I’m sharing are from starting to finish, from foundation to gloss. You can definitely pick and choose products that you need.

Makeup products for beginners


  • Primer : Max Factor Face finity primer

I’m adding a very beginner level face primer to the list of Makeup products for beginners just in case you would like to use a primer. It is for all skin types. Makes your foundation go on smoother and helps it stay all day. I have a review on this primer on my blog, read it for more information. maybelline baby face primer is a great alternative.


Makeup products for beginners



  • Foundation: The second product on Makeup products for beginners list is a foundation.L’Oreal Nude MAgique, I absolutely love this foundation. It is very light-weight, good coverage, perfect makeup product for beginners. The only downside is it doesn’t have a pump, but I love it so much, I can look past that. It works great for normal or oily skin, and some people with dry skin love it too. However if you have very dry skin go for Bourjois healthy mix serum. I use that foundation in colder months when my skin gets dry. Maybelline FIT ME foundations are great too, they have matte and poreless for people with oily skin and regular FIT ME for people with normal to dry skin. Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation is another amazing product. 


  • Concealer: Third  on Makeup products for beginners is Maybelline Age rewind concealer, best affordable concealer ever. Or Maybelline FIT ME concealer works amazing too. I would suggest to use Age rewind under the eyes and FIT ME to cover any acne scaring.


  • Powder: Fourth on Makeup products for beginners list is a face powder and Rimmel Stay Matte or Bourjois Healthy balance pressed powder are the hidden gems in the drugstore.

Makeup products for beginners


  • Eyeshadow Primer: Fifth on the Makeup products for beginners list is Eyeshadow primer. Essence I <3 Stage is a great affordable option. Now you can use your concealer to prime your eye lids as well, but it will crease if you don’t use it right. So an eye primer is a safe option.


  • Eyeshadows: Sixth on Makeup products for beginners list, Eyeshadows: I would totally suggest to get a nice nude palette to began with. I have naked palettes, all three of them, so there is no need for me to buy other neutral palettes. But The Nudes Palette from Maybelline is an amazing neutral palette, The eyeshadow quads from Maybelline and L’Oreal are better in my opinion. Or if you are not an eyeshadow person, go for Maybelline color tattoos or L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. One swipe and you’re done.


  • Eyeliner: Sevent on the Makeup products for beginners list is an eyeliner. When you are beginning to use an eyeliner I think felt tip is the easiest option. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner is very easy to find and use as well.

Makeup products for beginners



  • Mascara: Eighth on Makeup products for beginners list is Maybelline lash sensational mascara, it has a waterproof version too, so if you have oily skin or lids, go for waterproof version. L’Oreal False Lash Flutter mascara is another amazing option.


  • Brows: Ninth on Makeup products for beginners list is a brow duo from Nyx. It comes with the little angled and spoolie brush & brow wax, which I don’t use but you totally can. When you are looking for Makeup products for beginners go for product which are fuss-free and easy to use, like this brow cake.


  • Eye pencils: Tenth on Makeup products for beginners list, the eye pencils. Catrice Stay All day Nude eye pencil is my favorite nude eye pencil, I like it more than high-end nude eye pencils. It literally stays on all day. For Black Pencil, Maybelline Master drama black kohl pencil or Essence gel eye pencils are great.


Makeup products for beginners


  •  Lip Pencils: Eleventh on Makeup products for beginners list, lip pencils. They’re not a must but I want to mention a recommendation from every category so if someone wants to explore that category they have an option. Essence Lip pencils are my favorite. They work better than high-end lip liners. And they’re super affordable.


  • Lipsticks: Twelfth on Makeup products for beginners, Lipstick. Every girls needs a Perfect Red, Nude and MLBB(my lips but better) lipstick. I’ve shared L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 378 velvet rose, best pinkish MLBB color ever, Cover girl Hot passion such a universal Red Shade, and Essence In the Nude lipstick.


  • Lip Gloss, Lip Creams, Liquid Lipsticks: Thirteenth on Makeup products for beginners list are all the trendy lippies of the moment. If you like high-shine super pigmented lip glosses Nyx Butter glosses and Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers are great. If you love semi matte lip creams, Nyx Soft matte lip creams are perfection, and If you want to try matte liquid lipstick trend give Sephora lip creams a try. They’re priced as drugstore products and work amazing.



Makeup products for beginners


  • Contour and Highlight: Fourteen on Makeup products for beginners list is a contour and highlight duo. I think duos are so much easier to use, and less confusing as well. I have mentioned Sleek Contour and Highlight duo but Bourjois has amazing Bronzer and Highlight duo and also L’Oreal Contour and highlight duo works great.


  • Blush: Fifteen on Makeup products for beginners is a product that gives your face life, A Blush ! Nyx Blushes are the best blushes in drugstore. I love Nyx Pinched Blush, it is a dupe of popular NARS Orgasm Blush. Quick Tip, when you are looking for a beginner level blush go with your natural blush color, you can’t go wrong with that. Go for a run and see how your cheeks blush, is it pink or coral. Sephora blushes are great too, they are priced just like drugstore blushes, dazzling pink is one of my favorite blushes.

Makeup products for beginners


And these are all the recommendations for Makeup products for beginners, and your starter kit is ready. Pick and choose the products you want.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have more question regarding Makeup products for beginners than feel free to ask me in the comments below or on my facebook page or instagram @zunairasulman.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.


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