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Makeup Brushes 101

Makeup Brushes 101

Makeup brushes. Ahh ! They can get so expensive. No makeup would look amazing without makeup brushes. It will be streaky, uneven and unblended. Makeup brushes are very very important for any flawless and well blended makeup look. There are so many types of makeup brushes that it actually gets super confusing as for which ones you should actually buy and which one works best for what. That even sounds so confusing. In this blog I will be sharing types of brushes, brushes you actually need to create a beautiful makeup look, and my favorite makeup brushes. There are three types of bristles in makeup brushes.

  • Natural Bristled Brush
  • Synthetic Bristled Brush
  • Duo- Fiber Brush

Natural Bristled Brushes  are the kind which are made from animal hair. As the name suggests. No animals get hurt in the process, they just trim the hair of animals such as sable,squirrel, goat, horse etc.

Synthetic Bristled Brushes  are the kind which are made by man using nylon mostly.

Duo-Fiber Brushes are the mix on both natural and synthetic bristles.

Best Application:

        When it comes to makeup applications, it is pretty tricky to choose a right brush. Let me make it easy for you. Natural bristles are like our real hair, they are absorbent they have cuticles, they disperse the product very evenly and nicely. So to apply powder blushes, powder contour, powder highlighters, powder eyeshadows, and all the products which are dry and powdery natural bristled brushes work perfectly. Whereas when it comes to more liquidy and creamy products, natural bristled brushes, leave streaks and absorbs the product. You end up wasting the products and then cleaning the brushes is not that easy when there is so much product absorbed in them and later it changes up texture and color of the other products you use with the same brushes if you don’t spot clean or deep clean. So avoid using natural bristled brushes with liquidy and creamy makeup products, instead go with synthetic brushes. I personally love synthetic brushes. Not only synthetic brushes are less expensive than natural bristled brushes, they work great too. Using synthetic brushes with creamy and liquidy products makes sure that you do not waste a lot of product, but also get the most even and blended out finish. Duo-fiber brushes are a great balance in between the natural and synthetic bristles. They give you more control over the product. And they are easier to use. It’s like combining the benefits of both kinds.

Most Important Makeup Brushes:

  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Blush brush
  • Contour brush
  • Angled brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Blending Brush
  • Lip brush

Key point:

You need to know this, this will make your life with makeup brushes so easy. The denser the brush and the shorter the bristles, you will get the most pigmentation and opaque application. Whereas less dense and feathered out brushes will give you less pigment and opacity. When you are going to build up the product and need full coverage and opaque application always go for dense bristled brush. And when you want to blend out the product and disperse it evenly go for brushes which are less dense and more feathered out and long bristles.

My favorite Brushes and Brushes you actually need to create any look:

You do not need to buy a professional set of makeup brushes to get a perfect makeup look. There is a reason they are called professional makeup sets, they are for makeup artists. It’s part of their job. However for us it is not so important to own all those brushes. I am going to share my favorite brushes, that I actually use most of the times, and which can be used to create any makeup look.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush:

I love this brush so much, I use this brush every single time I do my makeup. It is a dense, short bristled, domed, crease brush. Which helps me to lay enough pigment that I want And blend it out. It is like a tiny foundation brush. It can totally be used to blend out concealer under the eyes. I generally use it to apply crease shadow and blend it.

IMG_9529 IMG_9531

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush:

I do not use this brush to apply my base shadow, instead I use this brush the blend out my eyeshadows or I use it when I need precision with my eyeshadow. It works great on the lower lashline as well as in the outer V and the socket of the eyes. It totally works to create a nice cut-crease effect, even though it is not a pencil brush. It is all about what works the best for you. It is not as dense as deluxe crease brush, and has longer bristles as compare to deluxe crease brush. Which make it perfect for blending out the shadow and disperse it evenly.

IMG_9533 IMG_9534

Real Techniques Contour Brush:

How I love this brush. It is my top favorite brush. I love how it is tapered and pointed at the end, it applies and blends the product at the same time. It gets right in the hollows of your cheeks and give a really nice contour. I was eying ITA brush from NARS from a long time, but I don’t think I need it anymore, because this contour brush from real techniques works great. And that NARS brush is crazy expensive.

IMG_9540 IMG_9539

Sephora Dual Ended Brush:

Dual ended brushes are great for traveling and also to have them in your makeup bag. They save up the space and are efficient. I love my Sephora dual ended brush. It has dense and small bristles on one side, which are perfect to apply and build any base shadow. And the other end for blending out the eyeshadows. This brush on it’s own is perfect to create an everyday kinda eye makeup. It is an absolute must for me.


Real Techniques Buffing Brush:

When it comes to applying foundation I like sponges way more than I like makeup brushes. But sponges tend to waste a lot of your foundation. So what I like to do is, I apply my foundation with Real Techniques Buffing brush and blend it as well as possible, now you can leave it there, it still looks amazing, but I like to blend it further and make my foundation look like a second skin. So I go over it with a makeup sponge to really blend out the foundation and take the excess off, so it doesn’t look cakey at all. And look as less noticeable and light as possible.


I should have cleaned the brushes before hand, well, I just used them. Once you have these makeup brushes in your collection you can create any look, without needing many other brushes, and after that you can build your collection to your desire. When it comes to powder brush, blush brush, and allllllllll brushes works the same. Just go for brushes with less dense and long bristled brushes. I am not picky at all with my blush and powder blushes, they all work the same, however I have already shared my must have makeup brushes.

IMG_9526 IMG_9527

I hope this post was helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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