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Make up and beauty products I bought – Essence, Nivea, Astor

Make up and beauty products I bought – Essence, Nivea, Astor

We all know spring is fast approaching. As much as I love super dark and bold autumn/winter looks. I am kind of done with them. I am done with colder months. I am so ready for spring and sun. So, these are the few makeup and beauty products I bought to be spring ready. I have used most of these products over the weekend too. So I am gonna give you my thoughts on that too. Whether they are worth buying or not. These products that I bought are very inexpensive and affordable but good quality.




Blush up powder blushes

           Essence is a very affordable brand. I do not own many essence products. The new blushes on the shelf attracted me, I went to see them and ended up buying quite a few products. I bought two essence blush up powder blushes. They are so appropriate for spring and summer. I have already used one of them and I think they are amazing. And I was a little hesitant to buy the light one called “20 pinky flow”. I was not hundred percent sure if it would look good on my skin tone. But it actually looked really nice. The second blush I bought is “10 heat wave”. It just screams summer to me. It is so beautiful ombre blush transitioning from pinky coral to orangey-coral. These Blush up blushes are so beautifully packaged. And I absolutely love the gradient of shades in these blushes. I think these are absolutely amazing , you can use them for different looks. I see them as 3 different shades. You can totally customize the usage, and get the shade you think is more fitting for your makeup look. Or just swirl around the blush to get the beautiful multi-toned blush. I applied this blush at 13:00 and by the end of the day at around 22:30 it was still there. It is long lasting and doesn’t disappear in the middle of the day.I think these blushes are totally inspired by MAC TOLEDO collection ombre blushes. They came up with blushes like this, and you know how more affordable brands make inspired version of those high-end products. Like ZARA always has super trendy well tailored pieces, shoes and accessories for less, which are totally inspired by mega-pricey high-end brands. Anyway they are worth having a look for yourself.




I have mentioned a nude lipstick from essence as my favorite affordable nude lipstick on my blog. I like the formula of their lipsticks. They are comfortable to wear, creamy, and pigmented. Although I found the smell of that nude lipstick was kinda funky, but it doesn’t linger so not something that bothers me too much. But these two lipsticks that I bought do not have that funky smell. I like the formula, they are creamy, they are opaque. I think as for being soooo affordable these are amazing purchases. The one in black packaging is “13 Love me” and the one in mauvey pink packaging is “05 cool nude”. Both are pink-toned everyday kinda shades.


The nudes, I love Trends Nail polish

It is no secret I love nude nail polishes. Even before they were this hot trend. Anyway, I bought two nail paints from this line. And wore one of them. I would expect shades like that from OPI or ESSIE. But those are very expensive. In affordable brands I think essence does these kinda shades the best. They are suuuuper affordable and works the same as OPI or essie. Now these nail paints do take 2-3 coats to get to a proper opaque application. But OPI and essie paints do the same. These kinda shades do require coating. Secondly these paints can get a little streaky if you don’t wait in between coats. Wait till every layer is properly dried and then put another coat. Nonetheless I think these are amazing nail paints. And I will be picking up some more nail paints from essence. Now the two I bought do look similar, but they have a subtle difference. And I can not have enough nude nail paints. One of them has more pinky tones than the other. I wore 02 I nude it and posted it on instagram. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen it. The second one I got is “05 pure soul”. I think my money is well-spent. I hate it when you try out new products and they end up being an absolute disaster.

IMG_6391Zunaira Sulman nails

Nivea Mask:

                  I have been neglecting my skin so much lately. I just don’t have so much time to spend on myself, and pamper myself. I can’t wait till my house is properly fixed and settled, and I can have some time to relax. Rather than spending time on fixing everything else. Anyway I bought Nivea Honey Mask. I have used Nivea masks before. And even though I didn’t see a big huge change, like glam glow masks does. It does calms the skin and feels refreshing. Glam glow masks are so expensive. And whenever I go to sephora to get one I end up buying something else. Anyway I still feel pampered and relaxed with nivea masks. And it has been a long time I have given my skin some love. It is about time to show some care or it will start lashing out on my. And it won’t be fun, AT ALL.


Astor Matte Style Lip Lacquer

                         Honestly, I am sooo, sooo, sooooooo impressed with this one. I am picking up some more for sure. It is sooo amazing. If you love the lime crime valvetines but they are too expensive and hard to get hands on, go for this one. It is sooo amazing. It has a beautiful matte finish, but it does not feel drying or uncomfortable to wear at all. This is the first product I have tried from astor. It is opaque, It is easy to apply, It is creamy, for being a matte finish it is so creamy, and so comfortable to wear. Plus I absolutely have fallen in love with this shade. It is so perfect for spring and summer. And it is so effortlessly pretty. The applicator is amazing, you can totally stay in the line or over-draw the shape just a bit, without ruining your face. I can not say enough good things about this one. It is suuuuuper long lasting. Although the lasting power is not like lime crime valvetines, because they stay suuuuper opaque until you rubbbb it off. This one does stay on your lips for all day, I had a birthday party to attend, I was talking so much the whole day and I ate, but still by the night I had an even wash of color on my lips. Totally recommend this one. The one I bought is “205 All about style”.


Mommy Readers


A bit of mommy-buys. I normally do not add this part in my blogs. But I do know there are some mommy-readers of my blog too. Anyway. I used to use Weleda baby products only for my daughter from when she was a newborn up until a year and a half, but as she is growing and her skin is less sensitive as compare to a newborn skin, I have started to use nivea. I am a big fan of Nivea and Johnson’s baby products. I love the mild smell of baby products. And there are times when I end up using her moisturizer instead of mine (HAHA). Well, I will also share my stuff with her when she is older. We are even (lol). Anyway.

These are all the thing I bought over this weekend. And I love all of them. Have a look for yourself next time you hit the mall.

Good Luck,


Zunaira Sulman.

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