mac lipstick dupes

MAC Lipsticks Dupes


I’m one of those people, who stayed away from MAC for a long time. Because  I tend to not give in to hype of any brand or product. But once I tried it out, I absolutely loved it, and they say it right, once you go MAC you can’t go back (HAHA). Well, but since I love the mac lipsticks so much, they have such wide variety, it can get a little too pricey. I almost try not to go to MAC counter because then I find too many things that I love , and lipsticks in particular. That’s why this post is dedicated to only MAC lipsticks.One thing I wanna add is, I never go for the cheapest alternatives, firstly they are not going to be anything even close to higher-end products, so you are just wasting your money, the colors might look the same in the bullets but when you apply it and the way it wears, will be absolutely different. And I would rather put no makeup on than really cheap kind, bad quality ones. It’s my face. That is why I go for good quality alternatives, but they are still affordable, and wayyy less expensive than higher-end products.

1- Mac “Ravishing” – Revlon “Smoked Peach”.

mac dupe1

img-thing macdupe

Revlon makes amazing lip products. Their lip tints, balm, lipsticks, glosses I love all of them. Even though revlon smoked peach is a tiny bit pinkier than Mac Ravishing. But when you apply it on the lips, it is not that notice-able. Since Ravishing is from MAC’s cremesheen range, it is super creamy and doesn’t make you lips dry or chapped, same goes for revlon smoked peach it has almost the same texture as mac. Both are super comfortable to wear. And their staying power is also the same. Love both the lipsticks. But I’ll go for Revlon smoked peach for obvious reasons. P.S they have new packaging now, the revlon lipsticks.

2- MAC “Shy Girl” – Rimmel “Nude delight” or “Nyx Pumpkin Pie”


shy girlnude delight 2

nyx pumpkin pie

Shy girl, ahh ! Again, one of the most famous lipsticks from Mac. It is absolute perfect nude. It works for most skin colors, because it’s not totally washed out kinda nude, it has color and pigmentation to it. Rimmel “Nude Delight” when you apply it they both look super similar, They don’t exactly look the same in the bullet when you hold them, but when you actually swatch it they look almost identical. Mac’s Shy girl lipstick is suuuuuuper creamy and it almost looks shinny and glossy on your lips, but it does last for longer than Nude Delight, but the texture of nude delight is way nicer than mac, according to my preference. It is so comfortable to wear and less shinny, which I totally prefer. It only doesn’t last as long as shy girl. And than the more affordable alternative is NYX lipstick in Pumpkin pie. It is a tiny bit more pigmented than MAC lipstick, but that’s better at least I think that. I like more opaque lipsticks. And If you have dark pigmentation on your lips, it will look absolutely even on your lips. I hate it when lipstick doesn’t show up the true color and go patchy on your lips.

3- MAC “Russian Red” – Revlon “Really Red”

mac-russian-red revlon really red

Mac Russian red is one of the most famous lipsticks from MAC. It is a matte lipstick and to be honest it is a little drying on the lips. But if you use a proper lip balm and take the excess off with a tissue paper, or use a matte lip balm, works perfectly. Revlon really red is not as matte as the mac one. However Mac’s matte russian red is more trendy, when it comes to plus points. But these two have totally similar shades. You can dab a tissue paper over revlon really red to get fairly matte look. Which is totally manageable.

4- MAC “up the amp” – Maybelline “Brazen berry”

brazen dupe mac up the ampMac Up the Amp is from MAC’s amplified creme range. And Maybelline’s Brazen berry is from Color Sensational Vivids collection. As the names suggests. They are complete statement lipsticks. I love me some amazing vivid statement lip. Nothing makes you look as put together as a statement lip does on a bad day. They both have fairly creamy texture, both are comfortable to wear. Statement lips are high maintenance, but surprisingly these are not as high maintenance as russian red or rebel from mac, or may be it is just me. Maybelline lipsticks are just as amazing as all the lipsticks I mentioned in this blog.

5- MAC “Ruby woo” – Rimmel Kate “Kiss of life”

kiss of life rubywooMac’s ruby woo, retro matte lipstick is so loved among celebrities. All the celebrity make up artists have this red in their collection, as far as I have seen and read their interviews. Rimmel Kate moss collection’s “kiss of life” mate lipstick is a complete, absolute dupe for Mac’s ruby woo. I would always suggest to apply a matte lip balm or moisturizing your lips before using any matte products on your lips. I am not sure if it’s just about my lips, they feel a little chappy. May be my lips get dry easy and I anyway have to moisturize them, and everybody has different lips. So not sure about that. But if you face the same issue as me, use a balm and dab the excess off before applying the lipstick. Other than that love both the lipsticks, but rimmel kate is fraction of cost. Love that modern matte lipstick look. No matter how much I have to use a lip balm, I love matte lip look.

I hope you find this post useful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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