looking good on a sick day zunaira sulman

Looking Put together on a sick day

Looking Put together on a sick day

I am all about Looking Put together on a sick day, ahh!! I feel terribly sick, I don’t wanna look terribly sick as well. I am that kind of person who is just not comfortable sharing any kind of unpleasant experience of my life ever with anyone. Even when it comes to just not feeling well, like cold and flu, I just don’t like to show it. I don’t care how sick I am, how unimaginably lethargic I feel, I am gonna put SOME effort and look presentable. There is nothing wrong if you just go absolutely sick-looking if you are sick, it’s what normal people do. I am not normal(lol). Anyway that’s just my personality. There are few things that take few minutes but make you look so much better and more awake. There was this one time, I had to go in Emergency I was feeling so insanely sick, but I had my mascara on and my bright lips on, and they were all so confused like is it actually an emergency or you are just faking it? Pssst In those situations it is a good idea to look like a disaster. But again, if I can force myself, I will. Sometimes I feel like I am wayyyy too hard on myself. This blog post is actually to help you look presentable on sick days when you really need it or when something important comes up. Anyhow let’s get started with things I do to look presentable when I’m feeling under the weather or whatever,



Them brows Honey! make them look fabulous and half of your work is done. Just a tiny bit of filling in and shaping will really make it look like you are in the right frame of your mind and you are ready to take on the world, when you really are not(lol).

Nude Eye pencil

Nude Eye pencil is a must for me. My eyes look smaller and just weird when I am sick. I never get sick, ever ! But when I do, it’s pretty bad, and it takes it’s time to go away. So my husband transferred this cold, flu and all that viral sh*t to me, and I was unable to even breathe properly, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and my throat was in throbbing pain. Obviously I’m not gonna be all bright eyed and awake in that situation. Nude eye pencil comes in handy. Makes world of a difference. So if you have somewhere important to go, where you have to look put together, when you are scattered all over the place. This trick will help you out quite a bit.

Lots of Mascara

Yes !! coat that mascara on. When your lashes are big, and curled upwards, it opens up your eyes, making you look more awake and attentive when you really aren’t. Just a tip go for a water proof mascara because if you get watery eyes, it’s going to be a MESS!


Bright lips

Nothing works better than a bright lip on a sick day. It just transforms everything, including your attitude towards it. Orange, pink, coral, red any color of your choice. It will brighten up your face and make you look so much more presentable, it is quick it is easy and it makes world of a difference.


Blush that face up. When you are sick, your face looks pale and dead, at least mine does. A blush would really help to give a healthy flush and glow. It is better if you stick with a more natural looking matte blush which is more believable.


It literally takes 5 minutes but you look like a total different person. I hope you find this post helpful.

Good Luck !


Zunaira Sulman.

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