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Long lasting Makeup Tips and Tricks

Long lasting Makeup Tips and Tricks

As much as I loveΒ  playing with makeup, I hate it when I wear it for longer periods. The feeling of gunk on my face just gets to me, and especially when your makeup starts to break and melt down down, and oil starts to seep through, it is just a mess. I am all about keeping make up looking fresh for longer, or just washing it off completely. In this blog post I will be sharing long lasting makeup tips and tricks, that I have learned over the course of time. These are very very helpful, especially for working women. Firstly you have to look presentable and secondly you do not have a lot of time to do retouches or freshen it up all day. There are some real quick and easy ways to make your makeup last for longer, looking fresh, and also retouch it within seconds.

Using a face primer?

I am not a big fan of using face primers, especially on an everyday bases. For special occasions it’s great, but for everyday purpose I would not suggest to wear a face primer. But if you are very very desperate in that regard, sure go ahead and use a face primer. Max Factor and L’Oreal have amazing affordable face primer, and for more expensive options, Makeup forever has many kinds of primers and equalizers to cater your need.

loreal primer max factormakeup foreverLight Weight Makeup:

It is way way wayyyyyy easier to keep light weight makeup looking fresh and stay put for longer than heavy makeup. It is appropriate for everyday kinda thing as well, it is timeless, and you don’t need hours to get ready. So try and use light weight foundation and nude colored lipstick, instead of bold lip colors, because those are hard to maintain. Plus you can easily touch-up light weight makeup through out the day in seconds.

Replace Eyeshadows:

Pressed Eyeshadows tend to lose their shine and pigment as the day goes, so it is smart to replace your pressed eyeshadows with long lasting cream products, something like Maybelline tattoo eyeshadows. They stick to your eyelids, they do not crease, you don’t need to set it with a pressed eyeshadow, you don’t need to apply an eyeshadow primer, and they DO NOT move the whole day. They stay put forEVER ! It is just everything in one product, which is great. So opt for something like that.Β 

color tattoo

Blotting Paper:

Blotting Paper, is the quickest way to wipe off all the disgusting oiliness from your face. And it will make your makeup look fresh without moving or removing it. Gently pat the blotting paper on the oiliness of your face, and that is it.

bobbi clean and clear neutrogena

Velour Powder Puff:

Go the old school route, set in your foundation with the powder using a Velour powder puff instead of a makeup brush. It will take away the oil/water from your foundation, and set it like no other makeup brush would… Plus keep it with you in your purse, with your pressed powder compact and you can easily touch up your makeup through out the day.

powder puff

Makeup Setting Spray:

This Step would make a world of a difference. Your makeup will stay put and looking fresh for hours and hours. And you’re hardly going to need to touch up your makeup. For affordable option, Nyx Makeup setting spray is great also L’Oreal infallible makeup setting spray, it is no where to be found where I live, but if you can get your hands on it, I have a feeling that would be good, not sure though. Or for more high-end option Urban decay De Slick makeup setting spray or Mac fix plus works great. Now don’t use a setting spray the wrong way or it will ruin your whole makeup. You just need to mist your face with the spray. Make sure your hand away from your face and then spray it over your face. Never ever spray it on too close to your face. And Once you mist it over your face, give it a minute to set and your makeup will last forever. It WILL NOT move. It will also make your foundation look more skin like and natural. This is the easiest, easiest easiest and most effective way to make your makeup look fresh and stay on for longer.

infallible NYX-Makeup-Setting-Spray setting spray


You do not need to carry your whole makeup stash with you everywhere, in order to refresh/retouch your makeup. Only keep the essentials, which are, velour puff, powder compact, and your lipstick. That all you need, but if you have very oily skin, take blotting sheets with you too, and you are good for the whole day and longer.

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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