Little Things I bought over the Weekend

Little Things I bought over the Weekend:

I love weekends. And if they are sunny, ahh ! PERFECTION !

Although my weekends are not very relaxing. They are in fact busier than weekdays, but I still love them. We doΒ  like to go out on weekends and while we are out, somethings do catch my eyes and I buy the most random things on weekends. I normally never plan a shopping spree or anything like that, until I have really lost my mind, and I need retail therapy, which rarely happens because I hardly ever lose my mind (touch-wood). This weekend was no exception, I bought few little things, which I’m sharing in this blog.

Beauty bits:


Colder months means chapped lips and dry skin. I need my moisture fix even on the go. My skin tends to get super dry in winters, especially on my hands and lips.Β  These are my must must haves. I have repurchased them quite a few times.


This has to be my favorite lip balm. My lips get super dry and chapped in winters. It is so annoying, plus it is a disaster when you apply lipstick.Β  I love Labello SOS lip repair, it has a minty tingle to it, which I LOVE. It does not taste bad, and it sinks into your lips way faster as compare to many other lip balms, and keeps them moisturized. Also when I travel , the skin on my lips literally starts to peel off, this thing comes super handy in those situations. I always have one in my bag (diaper bag) with me.


Don’t you just love mini sized products. These are perfect to put in your hand bag and rescue you when you really need it. Nobody is keeping full sized moisturizer tub in their bags (lol). This is Nivea hand cream, very basic but effective. I used to use my daughter’s moisturizer that I carry in the diaper bag, for her but also for myself. But lately my hands have been super dry. And they need something more moisturizing than baby lotion. So here it is to rescue my dry hands, and keep them nice and moisturized.



Okay, I have a thing for floral scent, Gardenia scents are my favorite kind. So that explains. But I don’t like super sweet floral scents. I like to have a balance. I also don’t wanna smell like a flower bouquet or floral air freshner. I am very picky with my scents. That why I hardly ever try out new perfumes. I have already bought a ZARA mini perfume for my handbag and now I got this roll on kind. It is a very mild rose scent. Again, I didn’t plan to buy it. While I was paying for the glasses I got in the trap (lol).

Fashion Bit:


This obsession of mine is getting out of hand. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know how obsessed I am with round frames aka bug-shades as I call them. I have enough bug-shades but ahh couldn’t resist it. Absolutely Love these.

Random Bit:


I love pretty plates and mugs. I in general have a thing for pretty crockery. I love how cuuuuuute this plate is. Grey and Blush tones are my favorite. Even though it is a little too pink but it looks beautiful. One should find littttlesssst of the things that make them happy and do them for themselves more often.

These are few beauty,fashion and random bits I bought over the weekend. Hope you find something that comforts you.

Good Luck!


Zunaira Sulman.

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